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Your specialised source of arrays for Biomarker discovery & Epigenetics

Antibody Arrays for Biomarker Discovery by Tebubio

We strive to provide European researchers with a conveniently accessible, innovative range of tools for Biomarker Discovery & Validation (e.g. antibody arrays) from the most renowned sources & manufacturers.

Following the success of genomics analysis over the last years, researchers have realized protein analysis is a mandatory complementary step in biological research: protein activity depends on RNA transcription of course, protein translation, post-translation modifications, cell secretion...

Would you like to:

  • Determine the global pattern of protein expression changes between 2 experimental conditions?
  • Check the protein you already follow up is the only one involved in your research project?
  • Identify new factors involved in a disease, others than the well-published biomarkers?

Antibody Arrays are the perfect Proteomics tool as they allow protein expression profiling, multiplex quantification and post-translational studies (e.g. phosphorylation).

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Discover how Tebubio's Antibody Arrays and Protein Arrays work, and the many advantages they bring for your research.