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Tissue Click Ltd

Tissue Click Ltd - tebu-bio
Tissue Click Ltd. is an innovative research-led company leading the way in the production of bespoke 3D cell culture solutions. Their mission is to provide products that allow researchers to fully exploit the in-vitro culture of cells in applications related to regenerative medicine, diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and in-vitro drug screening. Their current portfolio offers products based on a synthetic biomaterial platform, that mimics a range of macromolecules and microenvironments present in a number of tissues. Known as PhenoDrive these materials are specifically designed to support the controlled handling of cells for research and drug testing with high reproducibility. PhenoDrive products offer a fully synthetic, transparent user-friendly coating for either traditional tissue culture plastic, for the easy functionalisation of 3D scaffolds, or for inclusion into bioinks, they can also be used in suspension. In all cases, PhenoDrive substrates act as drivers of the formation of tissue or organ-like structures. Tissue Click also offers researchers a simple way to re-suspend nanoparticle samples. NanoSperse is a non-toxic, one-step answer to prevent nanoparticulate aggregation, proven in the resuspension of metallic, ceramic, crystalline and polymeric nanoparticles -  allowing true assessment of the cell response.

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