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Vector Laboratories - tebu-bio
Supporting scientific industries worldwide for over 45 years, Vector Laboratories is recognized as a pioneer and market leader in immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, glycobiology, and bioconjugation products. As the first company to commercialize avidin-biotin enzyme complex kits for immunohistochemistry and antifade mounting media for immunofluorescence, Vector Laboratories has since introduced over 600 reliable reagents and kits.
SoluLINK® chemistry from Vector Laboratories is engineered for high-performance conjugation of all classes of biomolecules, including antibodies, proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, carbohydrates, drugs, and surfaces. Mild reaction conditions and high affinity conjugate chemistry will allow you to generate consistent results with an unparalleled level of reproducibility across experiments. You can leverage efficient labeling without a need for heavy metal catalysts to prepare biomolecule conjugates at high yield with uncompromised purity. Monitor and record conjugation progress in real-time with a UV-traceable chromophore, enabling direct quantification to confirm experimental success. The result is reliable, quantifiable labeling delivering ready-to-use conjugates at high yield. 
NanoLINK® and MagnaLINK® streptavidin magnetic beads, as well as and streptavidin agarose, provide up to 15-times greater biotin binding capacity than other commercially available products. ChromaLINK® Biotin and Digoxigenin products enable accurate, controlled incorporation of labels on biomolecules, without the need to carry out cumbersome and time-consuming HABA/avidin and fluoro-reporter assays.

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