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Genomembrane Co. Ltd

Genomembrane Co. Ltd - tebu-bio

tebu-bio has selected GenoMembrane to provide transporter-related products and services for the development and design of novel drugs.

One of the major reasons for drop-out is inappropriate ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion) properties of candidates, resulting in low bioavailability or toxicity. It is, therefore, important to predict such problems at as early a stage as possible in the development process. GenoMembrane provides high-quality transporter reagents for this purpose. A few examples:

  • ABC Transporter Membranes / Vesicles
  • Ready-to-use assays kits for ATPase assay using ABC Transporter/Membranes
  • SLC Transporters...

Website: www.genomembrane.com

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