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MTI-GlobalStem - tebu-bio
MTI-GlobalStem provide high quality reagents for pluripotent Stem Cell research (adult Stem cells & iPS). It includes the:
  • Consistent feeder cells like MEFs and human NuFFs compatible with Stemgent® reprogramming kit
  • Transfection reagents like the DNA-In® CRISPR for large CRISPR/Cas9 plasmid delivery
  • iPSC-Derived Neural Cells (e.g., HIP™ Neurons (Human iPSC-Derived) and Dopaminergic Neurons GS-DOPA Kit)
  • Optimised media like the PluriQ Serum Replacement for feeder-free experiments,
  • Sera, supplements, growth factors and assay kits
  • Stem Cells cell lines & reference standards....
For advice on choosing and using your MTI-GlobalStem Stem Cell & iPS products, please contact your tebu-bio iPS and Stem cells specialists.

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