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Full Moon Biosystems - tebu-bio
Full Moon BioSystems provide innovative products for proteomic research with an attractive offer of research antibody arrays to monitor hundreds of proteins (biomarkers) in a single experiment. A few examples of Full Moon Biosciences's popular arrays:: 
  • Cancer Signaling Array: 269 key phospho-specific and site-specific antibodies from multiple cancer signaling pathways.
  • Cytokine Profiling Array:  310 cytokine-related antibodies in six replicates for cytokine profiling and inflammation studies.
  • Phospho Explorer Array: 1318 phospho-specific and site-specific antibodies for protein phosphorylation profiling.
  • Signaling Explorer Array: 1358 pathway-specific targets covering more than 20 signaling pathways for biomarker screening and cell signaling studies.
Full Moon BioSystems immunoassay kits are eligible for turnkey services, performed for you by the Project managers and Technicians at tebu-bio’s own European based labs.

For advice on choosing your Full Moon BioSystems' products, get in touch with your local tebu-bio office.

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