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Cell Applications - tebu-bio
Cell Applications produce a wide range of primary cell types (eg. Adipocytes, Astrocytes, Blood Cells, Cardiomyocytes, Endothelial Cells, Epithelial Cells, Fibroblasts, Keratinocytes, Melanocytes, Microvascular Cells, Smooth Muscle Cells, Synoviocytes...), optimised growth media, supporting cell culture reagents and antibodies to serve cell-based R&D.

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4 Services

81 blog articles

Cellular models to study the Cardiac System (part II)

Live Cell Imaging: Differentiate ES/iPS from differentiated cells

3 new types of Gastrointestinal (GI) Epithelial primary cells

Cellular models to study the cardiac System (part I)

3D cell culture Biochip versatile for more physiological applications

Plateable Hepatocytes the "one cell type doesn't fit all" syndrome

3D Cell Culture: Innovative Cell Culture Devices for More Predictive 3D Models

Cellular models for studying the human urogenital system

Essential for cell bio-printing: fully control your hydrogel

Hepatic Cellular Models

Formation of Mesenchymal Tissues in Alvetex® Scaffold

CAS9-expressing cell lines

New fluorescent probe for super-resolution imaging

Improvements in mRNA synthesis benefit to cell therapy

Enriched Tregs for a multitude of research applications

New in Live Cell Imaging: CopperGREEN and GlycoGREEN probes

Mimic human pulmonary function in vitro

Case study: 3D Cancer Cell Cytotoxicity in vitro Assessment

Pluripotent Stem Cells and iPSC Research: Quality and Innovative Products

Genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors for live cell discovery

Proof that 2 = 5 ! Yes it does, in cell culture

Characterization & Applications of Human Cardiomyocytes

One year on: Live Cell Imaging with SiR-actin, SiR-tubulin & SiR-DNA

Live Cell Imaging Monitor your cellular events by Fluorescent Microscopy

srRNA Reprogram human blood, endothelial progenitor & fibroblasts

Cell signaling isn t static your cell culture shouldn´t be either

Simple and effective CRISPR CAS9 gene editing for primary cells

Microcell arrays obtain more accurate data from single living cells

How to easily purify your protein with adapted magnetic beads...

Bridging the gap between patient and laboratory samples

Cell-based assays with hPBMCs for cell therapy and drug discovery

Cellular Matrices for Translational Research

Stauprimide inhibits c-myc transcription in cancer cells

How to choose the best 3D technology for your assay?

Staining Actin and Tubulin from WB to Live Cell Imaging

TUBEs: study M1 (linear) polyubiquitylated proteins

Live Cell Imaging: User results with SiR-Actin & SiR-Tubulin

4 International Standards for pluripotency tests

2 breakthroughs in 2015 for treating cataracts

How to get rid of fibroblastic and contaminating cells?

3 good reasons to select capped polyadenylated mRNA expressing factors for iPSC generation

Why is the hCMEC/D3 cell line a robust in vitro BBB model?

Flow cytometry intracellular staining

6 popular exosome antibodies !

iPS cells: Bioactive small molecules make exogenous reprogamming genes dispensable!

Hepatocytes: large donor pool for your DMPK applications with Hepatosure®

Live cell imaging of DNA with SiR-DNA for STED & SIM

The best antibodies to detect FOX transcription factors

20S Proteasome inhibitors and Leptin against obesity

Nucleosomes with native structure - Next generation tool box in epigenetic cell signalling

Validated antibodies for Ectodermal Stem Cell Lineage

Visualization of cAMP signals in live human pancreatic islets

Direct localization of MMP activity in 3D tumor invasion model

Live cell imaging: the art of looking at biological processes in real time

Synthetic Glycolipids for in vitro immune response analysis

Develop your cell-based assay with real-time GLuc detection

SiR fluorogenic probes: multicolour live-cell Imaging of Actin, Tubulin, DNA, and Lysosomes

PEI transfection patents to expire

Cell counting made easy!

How to improve your reporter gene assays?

Maximise availability & reduce variability in hepatocytes studies

New Human Liver Lysosomes for in vitro catabolism testing

5 fully funded Epigenetic Grants offered by EpiCypher

ATM or DNA-PKcs inhibitors synthetically lethal in BRCA- cells

Tubulin and microtubule vizualization in cells

Cell Signalling: Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK pathway research tools

3 fluorescent probes that will count in 2017

Tumour microenvironment glycosylation

Pluripotency tests with validated antibodies

Lower background fluorescence in live cell imaging

Measuring total ubiquitinated proteins in cell lysates made easy!

Why and how to inhibit proteases?

mScript: your 4-in-1 mRNA production system

mRNA delivery tools

PXR1 knockdown boosts VitK3 anticancer effects

Where to buy Topo inhibitors and analogs?

Versatile method to detect luciferase in reporter cell lines

Have a closer look at GPCR mediated signaling!

Next generation of lentiviral particles

New way for derivation / maintenance of naïve human PSCs

Call for candidates for the Revive LabEx (Pasteur Paris) before May 31, 2014

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