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Our brands

logo Abbkine Scientific
Abbkine Scientific

Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd. aim to provide innovative, high quality assay kits, recombinant proteins, antibodies and other research tools to accelerate life science fundamental research and drug discovery.
Abbkine cancer specific monoclonal antibodies are specially designed for Immunohistochemistry (IHC) on human tumour cells. Their broad range of ELISA kits is validated on a large variety of species (including bovine, ovine, canine, porcine...).

tebu-bio distribute Abbkine products all over Europe.

logo Abnova

Abnova takes a genomic / proteomic approach for the development of antibodies in Life Sciences Research (Innovate through Integrated Solutions). Their goal is to have at least one primary antibody to every human expressed gene in the human genome.

Abnova's comprehensive offer of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies together with recombinant proteins (to be used as controls for immuno-assays) and ELISA kits are available in Europe via tebu-bio.

It includes also the collection of Rabbit polyclonal MaxPab® antibodies generated from full-length proteins (instead of peptide antigens for immunization) to recognize both linear and conformational protein epitopes for classical applications (WB, IF, IHC, IP, FC).

European key words: Antikörper, Antibodies, Anticorpi, Anticuerpos, Anticorps, Antistoffer, Antilichamen, Anticorpos...


ABP Biosciences develops and manufactures life science reagents focusing on fluorescence-based detection. The company has developed several unique products, such as Andy Fluor dyes, iQuant™ DNA or RNA Assay Kits, Phospho-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Gel Stain, and ultra-sensitive ECL Western Blot Reagent, cell functional assays (Apoptosis, Viability, Proliferation), cell structure probes as well as transfection reagents.

logo AIM Biotech
AIM Biotech

AIM Biotech provide Life Scientists with a modular microfluidic-based solutions (e.g. gas permeable chips, hydrogels...) to co-culture different cell types in discrete 3D and 2D compartments.
AIM Chips enable the use of chemical gradients and flows (both interstitial & shear) to tune the culture microenvironment and thus obtain more biologically relevant experimental data.

Web site: www.aimbiotech.com

logo AnaSpec

Since 1993, AnaSpec, Inc. (an Eurogentec company) is specialized in the development of peptides, antibodies, assay kits for basic research, high-throughput screening, drug discovery and  assay development. They provide a broad range of catalog and custom biochemicals and reagents together with custom peptide synthesis.

For customized peptide productions, please contact your tebu-bio local office.

logo Aoxre LLC
Aoxre LLC

Aoxre LLC propose assay products for testing and measuring oxidative stress biomarkers as well as antioxidant, nitrosative, DNA damage and inflammatory Biomarkers.

logo Arbor Assays Inc
Arbor Assays Inc

ARBOR ASSAYS build robust immunoassay and enzyme activity kits to quantitate biomolecules in biological matrices.

logo Assay Biotech
Assay Biotech

Assay Biotech offer ELISA kit and 5,000+ validated antibodies that span a wide range of cell signalling pathways. This unique collection of research primary antibodies features over 1,000 phospho-specific antibodies, isoform and modification-specific antibodies, antibodies against ion channels, transmembrane proteins, receptors, G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR)...

Each antibody is validated using a combination of Western blot (WB), direct enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunocytochemistry (ICC), and immunofluorescence (IF). 

Web site: www.assaybiotechnology.com

logo Bayou Biolabs
Bayou Biolabs

Bayou Biolabs produce highly purified but affordable enzymes, DNA ladders and pUC & M13 DNA for use in molecular biology applications.

logo BioAustralis Fine Chemicals
BioAustralis Fine Chemicals

BioAustralis Fine Chemicals is a specialist producer of microbial metabolites and semi-synthetic analogues for in vitro laboratory use.
  • Rare and unusual microbial metabolites for discovery and lead molecule identification,
  • Metabolites for research into modes of action, biological activity and structure-activity relationships,
  • Reference standards for pharmaceutical, food safety and environmental testing,
  • Analogue Set that bring together groups of metabolites and semi-synthetic analogues that share a common theme,
  • Antibiotics...
Website: www.bioaustralis.com

logo BioAuxilium Research
BioAuxilium Research

BioAuxilium provides ready-to-use detection kits based on immuno-assays & TR-FRET technology.
These Thunder™ Cell Signalling Assays enable the sensitive, simple and rapid measurement of low amounts of specific intracellular phosphorylated and total proteins (e.g. ERK1/2, AKT, insulin receptor, STAT3, EGFR) in cell lysates from adherent or suspension cells.
BioAuxilium's TR-FRET Cellular Phosphorylation Assay Kits are available in Europe through tebu-bio.


Biocolor Life Science supplies biochemical assay kits to measure to measure soluble and insoluble collagen, glycosaminoglycans, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans (to name a few) in cells tissues, fluids.

Biocolor's product portfolio includes the dye-binding Sircol™ Collagen Assay for the detection of acid and pepsin-soluble collagens and the monitoring of collagen produced in situ or during in-vitro cell culture and in-vitro ECM formation. Sircol™ Collagen Assay kits are eligible for turnkey services, performed for you by the Project managers and Technicians at tebu-bio’s own European based labs.

logo BioLife Solutions
BioLife Solutions

BioLife Solutions manufactures proprietary protein-free, serum-free GMP biopreservation media, hypothermic storage media and cryopreservation media. As an example, CryoStor freeze Media products are designed to mitigate temperature-induced molecular cell stress responses during freezing and thawing.

Web site: www.biolifesolutions.com

logo BioPRIM

Bioprim is a resource for a complete range of serum, plasma and PBMCs for drug discovery and research purposes isolated from Monkeys.

logo Biosensis

Biosensis produce antibodies and reagents for Neuroscience, particularly on Neurotrophins and Neurotrophin Receptors. Biosensis's neuroscience portfolio also includes products for research in neurodegenerative diseases, neuro-development, and neuro-metabolism (incl. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS diseases), as well as autophagy, metabolic and stress disorders, and neuroimmunology and inflammation.

tebu-bio has selected Biosensis for their unique collection of IHC and IF validated primary research antibodies.

logo Bioworld technology
Bioworld technology

Bioworld Technology produces more than 15,000 highly purified Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies and Kits for Life Science research in the field of Signal transduction & Phosphorylation studies, Cardiac markers, Neuroscience and Stem cell research.

Bioworld Technology is one of the leading phospho-antibody manufacturers with over 500 phospho-antibodies for AKT, AMPK, GSK, STAT pathways. Interestingly, the peptides corresponding to each phospho-antibody are also available to make researchers' analysis easier.
All of Bioword's products are tested in their facilities and the original published pictures are displayed online together with very informative product details (applications, recommended dilutions...).

Bioword's antibodies benefit from the tebu-bio's "100% satisfaction guarantee".

logo Bit Bio Ltd
Bit Bio Ltd

bit.bio’s mission is to code cells to advance the wellbeing of humanity. To do so, they apply the principles of computation to biology.

Their current focus is to develop a scalable technology platform capable of producing consistent batches of every human cell. This has the potential to unlock a new generation of medicine: it will enable research and drug discovery to move on from inappropriate models and work with the cells that actually are affected by human disease. A scalable platform of consistent cells will also be the basis for a new generation of cell and tissue therapies.

logo BosterBio

Boster Biologicals (BosterBio) develop research primary and secondary antibodies optimized for WB, IHC, ELISA, as well as a variety of ELISA kits to detect biomarkers involved in cancer, developmental biology, neurosciences, inflammation. Their PICOKINE™ ELISA kits and PICOBAND™ antibodies reach picogram level sensitivity of your protein of interest.

Discover Boster Biological validated immunological reagents in Europe through tebu-bio.

logo BPS Bioscience
BPS Bioscience

BPS Bioscience is leading producer of recombinant enzymes (wild-type and mutants), assay kits, substrates, and services for Drug Discovery. BPS Bioscience manufactures one of the largest selections of druggable targets (Acetyltransferases, HDACs, Histone Demethylases, Histone Methyltransferases, Kinases, Peptidases, Phosphatases, Phosphodiesterases, Poly ADP Ribose Polymerases, Ubiquitin Enzymes...).

Recently, assays to investigate immuno checkpoint protein interactions in relation to immunotherapy drug discovery programs have been added to the portfolio of products and services (e.g. PD-1/PD-L1/PD-L2;  B7-1/CD28, B7-1/CTLA4;  BLTA/HVEM, CD47/SIRPa; GITR/GITRL; CD47:SIRPa; CD137:CD137L; CD40:CD40L; TIGIT/CD226 as well as the Trp catabolism pathway (IDO and TDO)). 

Their expanding offer is available in Europe via tebu-bio. For advice on choosing your BPS products, get in touch with your local tebu-bio office.

logo BroadPharm

BroadPharm is a leading provider for high purity PEG linkers and advanced bio-labeling reagents with a strong expertise in modern chemistry and notably innovative PEG linker synthesis and new PEGylation products.

logo Canopy Biosciences LLC
Canopy Biosciences LLC

Canopy Biosciences provides unique kits for gene editing & processing (eg CRISPR complete kits, KO cell lines and lysates) and bio-processing (eg host cell proteins (HCP) detection kits).

logo Cedarlane Laboratories Limited
Cedarlane Laboratories Limited

Cedarlane Laboratories (Cedarlane Labs) manufacture research products for cell biology, neurobiology and immunology. It included research antibodies, complement for tissue typing, immunocolumns, and the Lympholyte® Cell Separation Media for the isolation of PBMCs and PMNs. 

logo Celartia

Celartia is a biotechnology company manufacturing cell culture bioreactors. Celartia's system, Petaka,is an innovative and convenient labware device for cell culture, stem cell culture, tissue culture, cancer cell culture that enables the cells themselves to auto-regulate the levels of oxygen & CO2 in the media without using any external instrumentation or apparatus.

logo Cell Applications
Cell Applications

Cell Applications produce a wide range of primary cell types (eg. Adipocytes, Astrocytes, Blood Cells, Cardiomyocytes, Endothelial Cells, Epithelial Cells, Fibroblasts, Keratinocytes, Melanocytes, Microvascular Cells, Smooth Muscle Cells, Synoviocytes...), optimised growth media, supporting cell culture reagents and antibodies to serve cell-based R&D.

logo Cell4Pharma

cell4pharma, have developed 3 cell lines to empower researchers to accurately identify and eliminate the nephro-toxic compounds during preclinical research and increase your drug development success rate in clinical stages.

logo Cellix

We are Cellix develop and manufacture an advanced microfluidics drug screening tool for cell-based assays that uses a simulated human environment thus narrowing the gap between in vitro and in vivo.

Applications include investigation of cell adhesion, migration and transmigration under physiological flow conditions (mimicked in biochips) and cell culture with a simple iPod Touch controlled microfluidic pump. Therapeutic areas include thrombosis, atherosclerosis, inflammation, stem cell research, asthma, allergies, malaria and biofilm culture.

logo CellResearch Corporation
CellResearch Corporation

CellResearch Corp. provides high quality primary cell strains, and culture media. Obtained from single donors and not pooled, cell strains are derived from multiple locations of the body.
Besides the normal human skins, cell strains are derived from keloid and hypertrophic scars. For comparative research, fibroblasts isolated from normal skin adjacent to the keloid or hypertrophic scar are also available.

logo Cellscript

CELLSCRIPT provides the best technologies for making and using RNA for translation in cells for clinical research and therapeutics (including kits for in vitro transcription, 5' RNA capping, poly(A)-tailed mRNA for translation in cells...).

logo CH3 BioSystems
CH3 BioSystems

CH3 BioSystems is a manufacturer of high-performance ingredients for discovery of protein methylation pathways in cells and tissues.
CH3 BioSystems has selected tebu-bio as their European distributor to provide Life Sciences researchers with superior, innovative epigenetics tools (Methylarginin specific antibody, peptides, enzymes, complementary molecular kits, cell lines, survivin promoter luciferase reporters...).

logo CHI Scientific
CHI Scientific

tebu-bio has selected CHI Scientific for his proprietary reagent kits (ex. PrimaCell, FibrOut and OptiTDS) that deliver higher-quality outcomes, dramatically reducing the time and effort to perform cell/tissue culturing and creating standardized results.

logo Cloud-Clone corp. Wuhan
Cloud-Clone corp. Wuhan

Cloud-Clone provide a large range of ELISA tests (Sandwich ELISA Kits, Double Sandwich ELISA Kits, Competitive Inhibition ELISA Kits and Instant ELISA tests for increased efficiency and fast results). Cloud-Clone are constantly developing new products all available through tebu-bio.

logo Curi Bio Inc.
Curi Bio Inc.

Curi Bio (formerly NanoSurface Biomedical). develop nanopattern substrates, printed at the bottom of sterile cell culture dishes, which provide a topographical and mechanical niche for cells to grow as if they are in vivo.

By mimicking the extracellular environment, this unique Anisotropically NanoFabricated Substratum (ANFS) technology promotes the in vivo-like maturation and alignment of in vitro cell cultures.
Curi Bio's nanopatterned cultureware has been already validated on various cell types such as cardiomyocytes, muscle cells, entothelial cells, iPS cells, mesenchymal stem cells, fibroblasts (to name a few) in in vitro cell cultures.

logo Cypex Limited
Cypex Limited

Cypex produce highly characterized reagents for in vitro human drug metabolism. It covers human drug-metabolising enzymes, bactosomes CYPs (human, dog, mouse, monkey, rat,) and SULTs, purified CYPs, fine chemicals, and a range of research antibodies for ADME-Tox studies.

Web site: www.cypex.co.uk

logo Cytoskeleton

Cytoskeleton, Inc. offers a wide range of innovative kits for drug screening, signal transduction and cytoskeletal research. These ready-to-use products, available in Europe through tebu-bio, are compatible with basic research or small screens and with a high throughput scale for large screens as well.

logo Dojindo EU Gmbh
Dojindo EU Gmbh

Dojindo Laboratories produce high quality chromogenic dyes (ex. WST-5), cell membrane permeable probes (ex. MitoPeDPP), and kits (ex. Cell Counting Kit-8 - CCK-8) for Life Science research, drug discovery, cell biology, live cell imaging and mitochondrial research (ex. Si-DMA singlet ogygen imaging).

logo Echelon Biosciences
Echelon Biosciences

Echelon Biosciences provide products used studying cell signaling pathways, notably phosphoinositide phosphates for fundamental research and the development of potential drugs for cancer, diabetes, inflammation, infections, and cardiovascular disease.

logo Elabscience Biotech.
Elabscience Biotech.

Elabscience are specialized in immunoassays and reagents for the life science community. They have both an R&D platform and manufacturing plant, with in house QC for every product, to ensure consistent and robust experimenal results.
Elabscience major products cover Proteins, Antibodies, ELlSA Kits and CLIA Kits, already cited in numerous publications. Interestingly, small vialling formats are available for easy antibody testing in applications not tested in house. Contact your tebu-bio local office for further information !

logo ElementZero Biolabs
ElementZero Biolabs

ElementZero Biolabs have developed a novel technology of beads allowing efficient capture and enrichment of your DNA/RNA in a sequence specific manner: the MagIC Beads. Particularly efficient for epigenetics studies, interactome analysis, and targeted sequencing, the MagIC beads allow you to work only on the DNA or RNA you are looking for.

ElementZero have already developed a full list of viral RNA targets (SARS-CoV-2, HIV..) or transcripts, but this technology can be used with any of your custom targets. 

logo EnoGene Biotech
EnoGene Biotech

EnoGene Biotech develops monoclonal and polyclonal research antibodies. tebu-bio has selected EnoGene Biotech for their unique collection of IHC validated primary antibodies that bring Life Scientists easy convenient and affordable tools to study cell signaling pathways.

logo EpiCypher, Inc.
EpiCypher, Inc.

EpiCypher offers innovative tools for Epigenetics and chromatin biology research.
  • Histone peptide arrays for quantitative, rapid and high-throughput analysis of effector protein, antibody or enzyme interactions with a comprehensive library of histone peptides.
  • Highly puritified histone-derived peptides.
  • Recombinant nucleosomes and histone octamers.
  • Epigenetic enzymes, assay kits, readers, and substrates.

For advice on choosing EpiCypher products, contact your tebu-bio local office.

logo EpigenDx

EpigenDx is a genomic and epigenomic research company. EpigenDx offer methylated genomic DNA controls, validated Bisulfite Sequencing Primers for methylation analysis together with lab services for targeted NGS Methylation and microarray analysis. Contact our tebu-bio's experts for further information.

Website: www.epigendx.com 


logo Eurogentec

Eurogentec is a word-wide renowned manufacturer of products and services for Life Science Research and collaborate with tebu-bio for the European distribution of Eurogentec's research antibodies, cloning, PCR enzyme and MasterMixes.

logo Exbio

tebu-bio have selected Exbio's antibodies because of their outstanding quality and sense of innovation in the field of Flow Cytometry (FCM) and Immunohistochemistry (IHC) applications.

logo Focus Biomolecules
Focus Biomolecules

Focus Biomolecules is a small molecule-based life sciences company providing with highly characterized bioactive inhibitors, activators, agonists, antagonists and Custom organic / chemical compound library synthesis.

logo Full Moon Biosystems
Full Moon Biosystems

Full Moon BioSystems provide innovative products for proteomic research with an attractive offer of research antibody arrays to monitor hundreds of proteins (biomarkers) in a single experiment. A few examples of Full Moon Biosciences's popular arrays:: 
  • Cancer Signaling Array: 269 key phospho-specific and site-specific antibodies from multiple cancer signaling pathways.
  • Cytokine Profiling Array:  310 cytokine-related antibodies in six replicates for cytokine profiling and inflammation studies.
  • Phospho Explorer Array: 1318 phospho-specific and site-specific antibodies for protein phosphorylation profiling.
  • Signaling Explorer Array: 1358 pathway-specific targets covering more than 20 signaling pathways for biomarker screening and cell signaling studies.
Full Moon BioSystems immunoassay kits are eligible for turnkey services, performed for you by the Project managers and Technicians at tebu-bio’s own European based labs.

For advice on choosing your Full Moon BioSystems' products, get in touch with your local tebu-bio office.

logo Funakoshi

Funakoshi Co Ltd provide innovative and convenient research reagents for cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology in various life sciences fields.

logo Geg Tech
Geg Tech

GEG Tech manufacture exceptionally reliable and high-titer lentiviral vectors. Their newly developed non-integrative lentivirus technology (deficient for the integrase) offers unique nucleic acid delivery solutions with very low genotoxicity. For drug delivery purposes, GEG Tech also offer lentiviral vectors deficient for the reverse transcriptase ensuring no genotoxicity and excellent expression even into hard-to-transfect cells.

logo GeneCopoeia

GeneCopoeia is the original manufacturer, seller, and service provider of a variety of biological reagents, including genomics, proteomics, molecular and cellular biology. Their product portfolio includes clone collections for ORF cDNA, shRNA, miRNAs, promoters, CRISPR, TRE and more.

GeneCopoeia also provides Genome editing products and services, such as sgRNAs and libraries, indel detection, donor vectors, Cas9 cell lines, Safe harbor kits and TALEN.

GeneCopoeia has various viral delivery systems, such as Lentiviral and AAV systems, as well as, MicroRNA solutions that include precursor and inhibitor clones, 3’ UTR clones, qPCR primers & arrays and qPCR kits.

Additionally, they have a collection of PCR/qPCR primers, qPCR & RT-qPCR kits and arrays. Lastly, their extensive suite of kits and reagents include Luciferase reporter assays, transfection reagents, cloning systems, FISH probes and more.

Combined with tebu-bio's comprehensive offer of primary antibodies, active proteins, molecular biology tools and primary cells, these unique reagents and lab services will help you boost your research programs.

logo Genomembrane Co. Ltd
Genomembrane Co. Ltd

tebu-bio has selected GenoMembrane to provide transporter-related products and services for the development and design of novel drugs.

One of the major reasons for drop-out is inappropriate ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion) properties of candidates, resulting in low bioavailability or toxicity. It is, therefore, important to predict such problems at as early a stage as possible in the development process. GenoMembrane provides high-quality transporter reagents for this purpose. A few examples:

  • ABC Transporter Membranes / Vesicles
  • Ready-to-use assays kits for ATPase assay using ABC Transporter/Membranes
  • SLC Transporters...

Website: www.genomembrane.com

logo Genscript Biotech
Genscript Biotech

Genscript Biotech Corporation is a leading life sciences research and product provider which applies its proprietary technology to various fields, from basic life sciences research to translational biomedical development, industrial synthetic products, and cell therapeutics solutions.
To support and simplify SARS-CoV2 researchers' lives, they have developed the first ELISA kit allowing easy and fast detection of COVID-19 neutralizing antibodies. tebu-bio is pleased to provide this new test kit to European researchers.

logo Gerbu

GERBU Biotechnik GmbH offer a wide range of biochemicals, reagents, nutrient media and ingredients.

logo HemaCare  Corp.
HemaCare Corp.

tebu-bio has selected HemaCare Corporation – a global provider of biological blood products and services. HemaCare is a leader in Cell and Tissue Collection, Processing and Cell Therapy, providing the high-quality biological material derived from normal and mobilized peripheral blood, bone marrow and cord blood needed to ensure quality research outcomes that meet the unique needs of the scientific community.

For advice on choosing your HemaCare, get in touch with tebu-bio cell biologists.

logo Innovative Biochips LLC
Innovative Biochips LLC

Innovative BioChips (a.k.a. iBioChips) is a biotech company that integrates cellular assays and engineering into miniaturized chips to reach cutting-edge sensitivity and high-throughput.
As an example, the SMART ALIQUOTOR is a convenient, rapid, selective, and damage-free biochip for single cell isolation to be used for gene editing and clonal analysis.
The 1 Million Microwell Device (1MMD) is a low-cost and highthroughput biochip ideal for single-cell RNA-sequencing.


logo Innovative Research
Innovative Research

tebu-bio have selected Innovative Research as a source of human and animal biological products for in vitro studies. Established in 1998 after a realization that dependable, high-quality, and affordable research material was difficult to come by, Innovative Research now offer over 1,000 human and animal biological products, including plasma, serum, biological fluid, whole Blood, disease state plasma and serum
IgG and plasma proteins...


logo iQ Biosciences
iQ Biosciences

IQ Biosciences offer Primary cells, such as peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), splenocytes, and bone marrow cells from non-human source tissues from well-respected institutions and isolate the relevant cell types through careful processing. 
Access high quality samples from a diverse group of animal species that are pertinent for many different applications in drug development or academic research.


Born from the clinical need of cell transplantation and stem cell biology, Kugelmeiers have developed the Sphericalplate 5D (SP5D). This patented platform technology allows the creation of highly Standardized, uniform, size controlled spheroids in large scale, from hundreds for the laboratory to millions for clinical use. Aiming to fulfill highest medical and regulatory standards, seamless translation into diagnostic or clinical use is enabled.
Obtain 9000 standardized spheroids in only one move on a single plate. Discover now this new Sphericalplate 5D.

logo LifeSensors

LifeSensors is the leading producer of innovative tools that facilitate the study of the Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-like protein pathways together with the unique SUMOpro and SUMOstar technologies for prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein expression, used worldwide by academic, government, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology entities.

Website: www.lifesensors.com

logo Lucerna Chem
Lucerna Chem

Lucerna-Chem AG's Prothermal is a concentrate for the maintanance of the water quality in thermostats and waterbaths available at tebu-bio.com.

logo Meridian Life Science
Meridian Life Science

Meridian Bioscience, Inc. is a leading large scale manufacturer of antibodies, proteins, viral antigens and proteins with over 30 years experience. 

logo Microsurfaces

Microsurfaces is a startup company located in Melbourne (Australia) that manufactures novel microstructured surfaces for live cell imaging over long periods of time with single cell resolution for high content imaging and tracking, drug discovery and screening applications.

logo Montana Molecular
Montana Molecular

Montana Molecular develops genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors and probes for cell-based assays and live cell imaging to conveniently assess intracellular parameters (ex. cAMP, DAG, PIP2, Ca2+, and voltage...).
Montana Molecular technology is based on BacMam vectors used as an efficient vehicle to optimally deliver and express genes in mammalian cells for Robust Assays in Living Cells:
  • Easy assay steps – No cell lysis
  • Fluorescence imaging or plate reader detection (Z’ > 0.8)
  • Physiologically-relevant and cell friendly
  • No forskolin or IBMX needed
  • No enzymes or co-factors
  • Multiplex GPCR Assays: Gs, Gq, Gi, Voltage

For advice on choosing your Montana Molecular' biosensor, get in touch with your local tebu-bio office.

logo Nanocs

Nanocs Inc. produce a broad portfolio of reactive molecules for fluorescence labeling, PEGylation, biotinylation and bioconjugation together with functionalized biopolymers, nanoparticles, labeled proteins, antibodies, enzymes, and peptides.

logo Novabiosis

Novabiosis is a provider of cryopreserved primary human cell types from multiple organs. The cells are fully quality controlled with viability %, cell marker %, mycoplasma testing and donor demographics details (including virus negative status). 
Some of the combinations of cell types provided are unique on the market: 
  • Lung products:  bronchial, tracheal and small airway epithelial cells, lung fibroblasts 
  • Kidney products: Cortical cells, Podocytes, Proximal tubules, Mesangial cells, Glomerular endothelial cells
  • Intestinal products: Epithelial cells and Myofibroblasts from ascending, transverse, descending colon, duodenum, jejunum, ilium 
  • Liver: Kupffer, stellate, sinusoidal endothelial and biliary epithelial cells and hepatocytes 

logo Nucleus Biologics
Nucleus Biologics

Nucleus Biologics helps researchers in providing innovative cell culture solutions such as the Vitronectin XF™ (formerly provided by Primorigen Biosciences), a xeno-free extracellular matrix (ECM) that promotes cell proliferation, that maintains pluripotency and supports normal colony morphology for mesenchymal and induced pluripotent stem cells.

logo Omega Bio-tek
Omega Bio-tek

Omega Bio-tek provide simple, rapid, and cost-effective DNA and RNA extraction kits compared to the most popular sources of nucleic acid purification methods. 
Omega Bio-tek's E.Z.N.A.® nucleic acid purification kits are compatible with various types of samples (e.g. blood, tissues, plants, bacteria, PCR reactions, plasmid-preps...) and are now available in Europe via tebu-bio.

logo Osenses

Osenses is THE sensory neuron specialist. tebu-bio have selected Osenses because of their outstanding quality and sense of innovation in the field of Chemosensory Receptors, Autophagy, Ion Channels and Vesicle Transporters.

100% guaranteed for their respective applications, you can select and buy these unique research antibodies and peptides by contacting your local tebu-bio office in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden).

logo PBL Assay Science
PBL Assay Science

From its founding in 1990 and continuing through today, PBL Assay Science has become widely known as a source for high-quality immunoassay kits, cytokines and interferons (IFN), monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and other related reagents for life science researchers. PBL products provide reliable and consistent solutions for all your IFN Assay Science needs.

logo Peprotech

PeproTech was established in 1988 by a group of scientists who decided to focus their efforts on the development and production of recombinant cytokines for Life Science research.

Today, PeproTech is a world leader in supplying high quality Cytokines & Growth Factors, but also antibodies, ELISA kits.

logo Phenocell sas
Phenocell sas

Phenocell is a French biotech company that generate human healthy or pathological in vitro cellular models derived from stem cells for research and drug discovery applications.
Based on the Nobel-prize winning technology of stem cell research engineering and reprogramming, Phenocell provide foot-print free and feeder-free human iPS cells that are further differentiated into Sebocytes, Melanocytes and Keratinocytes and Retinal pigmented epithelium cells for cell-based assays.

logo Platypus Technologies
Platypus Technologies

Platypus Technologies develops innovative cell-based tools to study adherent cell migration without cell culture inserts:  Oris™ and Oris™ Pro Cell Migration Assays.
These assays generate more data from cell migration and invasion assays used to study cancer metastases and regenerative medicine. They are ideal alternative to the scratch assay.

logo Polysciences Europe
Polysciences Europe

Polysciences, Inc. manufacturers specialty and fine chemicals, microspheres, monomers, polymers, microscopy, histology, biotechnology, and specialty products for Life Scientists.

logo Prodo Laboratories
Prodo Laboratories

Prodo Laboratories (Prodo Labs) provide Life Scientists high quality human islets and cell culture complement (incl. PIM(S)® islet specific media) for research in the development of new drugs for diabetes or in the development of new insulin-producing cells for future transplants.

Looking for Human Islet Cells from Prodo Labs? Get in touch with your local tebu-bio office.


logo ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene
ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene

ProSpec (Protein-Specialists) is specialized in production of highly purified bacterial-derived proteins to serve the research community with rec. proteins for cancer, apoptosis, development, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, proteases, and stem cell research.

logo Puracyp

PURACYP, Inc. offers easy-to-use kits to assess nuclear receptor activation and P450 enzyme induction for ADME-Tox.

Their cell-based kits contain everything needed for assessing gene transcription (CAR, AhR, PXR) and for determining induction of drug metabolizing enzymes (CYP2B6, CYP1A2, CYP3A4, NCEs, P450 enzymes), and transporters by NCEs. Results obtained with Puracyp’s Receptor Activation Assay kits are highly reproducible and lack the variability inherent to other methodology. Little effort is required to perform the tests and the entire experiment is completed in 2 days with a total of 3-6 hours research time.

logo Quansys Biosciences
Quansys Biosciences

Quansys Q-Plex™ Arrays accurately quantify biomarkers (analytes) from precious samples in a fast and cost effective way.

Quansysbio multiplex ELISA-based testing (Q-Plex technology), is a fully quantitative multiplex ELISA-based assay where up to 25 distinct capture primary antibodies have been loaded to each well of a 96-well plate in a defined array.

Quansys Q-Plex™ Arrays kits and appropriate imaging systems are available in Europe through tebu-bio and are eligible for turnkey services, performed for you by the Project managers and Technicians at tebu-bio’s own European based labs.

To help you choose your Quansys Bio Q-Plex multiplex ELISA, get in touch with your local tebu-bio office.

logo Raybiotech

RayBiotech, Inc. develop cutting edge proteomics tools for the advancement of basic and clinical research, and the facilitation of drug and biomarker discovery.

RayBio's product-line covers:

  • 2,000+ rigorously tested ELISA kits covered by a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee (risks and no worries) 
  • Multiplex ELISA Array (Quantibody®)
  • Membrane- or glass-slide Antibody Arrays (C-Series, G-Series, L-Series, E-Series) 
  • Functional assays
  • Research antibodies
  • Recombinant proteins

RayBiotech have endorsed tebu-bio as their European "RayBiotech Certified Array Service Provider" for testing samples with RayBiotech's products so that you just send us your samples and we perform for you the immunoassays at tebu-bio’s own European based labs.

logo ReproCell Europe
ReproCell Europe

​Reprocell Europe offers media and reagents specifically developed to provide superior results in human ES / iPS cell biology and 3D cell culture.
ReproCELL’s strength lies not only in its technologies for maintaining ES/iPS cells, but also in its ability to generate functional human cells out of ES/iPS cells: functional Human iPS Cells Derived Cardiomyocytes, hiPSC-Neurons, hiPSC-Hepatocytes...
In parallel, the Alvetex® family of 3D cell culture products provide a flexible platform that allows scientists in any life science laboratory to quickly and easily establish better in vitro assays and models that better mimic the in vivo growth of cells.


logo Revivocell Limited
Revivocell Limited

Revivocell develops cell culture technology to improve life sciences research and enhance drug discovery success. They want to enable scientists to be more creative in their research by proving next dimension cell culture technology, which is easy to use and interactive, whilst closely mimicking body-like conditions and reduces animal testing.

logo RJH Biosciences Inc
RJH Biosciences Inc

RJH Biosciences have developed a range of transfection reagents to transfect mammalian cells with specific nucleic acids. The foundation of these innovative transfection reagents is based on cationic lipopolymers with optimal balance of cationic charge and hydrophobic (lipid) group. 

logo Rockland

Rockland produce antibodies and immunoassays suited to study protein post-translational modifications (PTMs), Epigenetics (Epi-Plus® antibodies) Apoptosis / Cell Cycle, Cytokines, ECM, Transcription Factors, and cell signaling (AKT, ATM, NFkB pathways...). Secondary antibodies (ATTO dye-, HRP-, Dylight™ -conjugated or un conjugated) secondary antibodies and TrueBlot® reagents (to generate clear, best-quality data in individual IP/WB) complete their offer.

logo Sanbio Monosan
Sanbio Monosan

Sanbio B.V. offers Life Scientists one of the latest developments in products and services for biological research and diagnostic testing including the popular MONOSAN antibodies.

logo Sekisui medical
Sekisui medical

tebu-bio has teamed up with the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation (NIBIO) to supply to over 1 300 cell lines from the Japanese Collection of Research Biosources Cell Bank (JCRB).

The JCRB provides one of the most comprehensive cell banks in the world to users (General cells, Luciferase-expressing cancer cells, Mouse homozygous mutant ES cells, Immortalized Mesenchymal stem cells and Genetically-modified cells) for drug discovery, mechanism of action & biomarker studies, cell signalling and toxicology studies...

logo Sekisui Xenotech, LCC
Sekisui Xenotech, LCC

SEKISUI - XenoTech is the leading provider of in vitro drug metabolism, Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) studies and in evaluating drug candidates as substrates, inhibitors and inducers of drug-metabolizing enzymes (enzyme Inhibition or Induction, Drug Metabolism, Drug Transport and Analytical Services...).

Xenotech deliver information recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) to predict inter-individual variation in safety and drug efficacy and to explain Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR): CYP / UGT Enzyme Inhibition, in vitro Enzyme Induction, ex vivo Enzyme Induction, Drug Transporters, Reaction Phenotyping, Metabolite ID, Species Comparison, Metabolic Stability, Covalent / Protein Binding, Anaytical Services (Bioanalysis)...

Web site: www.xenotech.com

Xenotech has appointed tebu-bio for many years as their unique distributor in Europe to assist Life Scientists in ADME-Tox studies. For advice on choosing your Xenotech's products, get in touch with your local tebu-bio office.

logo SignaGen Laboratories
SignaGen Laboratories

SignaGen develops and manufactures gene delivery tools and transfection reagents for research by bringing efficient and cost effective chemical and viral tools for in vitro and in vivo gene delivery. Their solutions bring answers to all eukaryotes cell projects including protein production, gene knockdown and overexpression.

logo Smartox Biotechnology
Smartox Biotechnology

Smartox Biotechnology* is specialized in synthetic peptide toxins issued from venomous animals which are ideal tools for studying ion channels and for drug discovery research programs. Access the Smartox library of bioactive venomous synthetic toxins by contacting your local tebu-bio office.

*Smartox Biotechnology = Smartox (Spécialiste mondial de la fabrication de toxines peptidiques d'animaux vénimeux)

logo Spirochrome AG
Spirochrome AG

tebu-bio has selected Spirochrome for their new class of far-red, cell permeable, fluorogenic, photostable, and superresolution compatible probes for live cell imaging: SiR probes.

The SiR fluorophore derivatives permit fine imaging of the cytoskeleton (actin, tubulin) and DNA in living cells with unprecedented resolution.

Website: www.spirochrome.com

logo StemCultures

tebu-bio has selected StemCultures' StemBeads® FGF2, EGF, Activin-A, BDNF and GDNF revolutionary growth factor supplements that offer a more efficient way to grow stem cell cultures. These Stem Beads are licensed from research labs at the Neural Stem Cell Institute (NSCI).

logo Surmodics

Surmodics' portfolio of BioFX® colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrates offers the stability, low background and sensitivity needed to meet the demands of researchers who are performing immunoassays like ELISA, Western Blot, ELISpot and Immunohistochemistry applications.

logo SynVivo Inc
SynVivo Inc

SynVivo provide physiological, cell-based microfluidic chips bringing a morphologically and biologically realistic microenvironment.
SynVivo's chips enable the analysis of cellular / tissular behavior in real-time for drug delivery and drug discovery applications.
These fully customizable chips support a microvascular in vitro network simulating the circulation inside any tissue (flow, shear and pressure).

logo Target Mol
Target Mol

Target Molecule Corp. (Target Mol) is specialized in offering a huge variety of chemical compounds such as inhibitors, activators and reference compounds. Furthermore, Target Mol is offering a number of compound libraries (e.g. Approved Drug library, Anti-Cancer library, Apoptosis Compound library and many more).

Target Mol’s compound portfolio is expanding every month. Stay tuned regarding new developments by visiting tebu-bio.com regularly.

logo Tataa Biocenter
Tataa Biocenter

TATAA Biocenter is a leading provider of gene expression profiling and quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) research products.

logo TheWell Bioscience
TheWell Bioscience

TheWell Bioscience is a biotech developing innovative cell culture & delivery systems that bridge the in vitro and in vivo studies with simple, versatile products to obtain more physiologically relevant experimental data.

As an example, TheWell Bioscience has recently released an animal origin-free hydrogel system: VitroGel 3D.
Closely mimicking the natural extracellular matrix environment, VitroGel 3D a ready-to-use tunable hydrogel for 3D cell culture and beyond, with a simple experimental procedure at room temperature.

Web site: www.thewellbio.com

logo Time Bioscience
Time Bioscience

Time Bioscience manufacture in vitro assay tools focusing on the Wnt/beta-catenin cell signaling pathway for drug discovery. Time Bioscience's focus lays on highly active proteins involved in this pathway like Wnt variants, Wnt signaling inhibitors, and Wnt signaling receptors, as well as reporter cell lines and their control cell lines.

logo Trilink Biotechnologies
Trilink Biotechnologies

TriLink BioTechnologies, part of Maravai LifeSciences, is a CDMO helping life science leaders and innovators overcome challenges in the synthesis and scale-up of nucleic acids, NTPs and mRNA capping analogs with scale-up expertise and unique mRNA production capabilities, including its proprietary CleanCap® mRNA capping technology. TriLink continues to expand its cGMP and general mRNA, oligonucleotide & plasmid manufacturing capacity at its new global headquarters to support therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic customers.

logo Vector Laboratories
Vector Laboratories

Vector Laboratories offer the Chromalink (also called Solulink) technology related products. They are kits and reagents for bioconjugation that can be monitored and quantified by simple UV-scan. Vector Labs also provide Nanolink and magnalink beads that are consists of polymer-encapsulated magnetite (super paramagnetic) beads possessing covalently cross-linked streptavidin on their surface. They have very high binding efficiency.

logo Virongy LLC
Virongy LLC

Virongy focuses on creating cutting-edge technologies in virology, viral vector-based gene therapy, virus-host cell biology, and viral immunology. They develop new technologies that can be used for scientific discoveries, clinical diagnostics, and disease treatment. Virongy has discovered and developed key technologies and products including infectin, lentiviral vector, HIV reporter cell, etc.

logo Wuhan Fine Biological Technology Co,ltd
Wuhan Fine Biological Technology Co,ltd

Fine Test Biotech is an ISO9001:2008 Certified Company, offering a full line of quality research kits, which include ELISA Kits, related ELISA assistant reagents and more high quality antibodies, recombinant proteins.

logo Xylyx Bio
Xylyx Bio

Xylyx Bio is a US biotech company specializing in cell-specific extracellular matrix biomaterials to bring native cellular microenvironment and tissue-specific extracellular matrix for more physiologically relevant in vitro cell-based assays in drug discovery and tissue regeneration.

Xylyx has chosen tebu-bio for the distribution of their NativeCoat™ 2D ECM SURFACE COATINGS, TissueSpec® 3D ECM HYDROGELS and 3D ECM SCAFFOLDS in Europe.

logo Zen-Bio

Zen Bio (Zen-Bio) provides human adipocytes, preadipocytes, adipocyte cell extracts, assay services, and research kits to better understand human obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.