Your complete tool box to facilitate your Immunotherapy research

Developing new therapeutic agents to boost the immune system and avoid the escape of diseased cells from the natural defenses is the common goal of all researchers in Immunotherapy. To greatly reduce time and cost associated with this development in Immunotherapy research, BPS Bioscience have developed a complete tool box of efficient and validated assays.

In Immunotherapy, Adaptive immunity (including CAR-T and natural killer cells), immune checkpoint blockade and cytokine are the some of the most used strategies during the previous year to boost the immune system. To help researchers in their daily work, BPS Bioscience provides a comprehensive offer in Immunotherapy in terms of targets (fig.1) and products as listed below.

Fig.1 : BPS Bioscience Immunotherapy targets

Proteins and Antibodies

BPS Bioscience have already developed a diverse portfolio of recombinant proteins and antibodies. Available with various tags (FLAG, Avi, His, Biotin, FCfusion…..) and produced from many different host species (human, mouse, rat, monkey…), you’ll find the perfect solution for your Immunotherapy experiments:

Biochemical assays

For a first and rapid screening of a huge number of compounds, BPS Bioscience have developed a broad offer of assays in 4 different formats ( Alpha screen, Chemiluminescence (Fig.2) / Fluorescence Polarisation / TR-FRET), for many different applications:

FIg. 2: BPS Bioscience Biochemical assay principle
Fig. 3: PD-1 : PD-L1 inhibition binding assay (72003)
  • Enzyme Kinetics studies
  • Small Molecules screening
  • Binding Assay Kits
  • Enzymatic Assay Kits
  • High Throughput Screening

… and many more. With a large range of targets (BTLA:HVEM / CTLA4 : B7-2 / PD-1:PDL-2 and many more) these biochemical assays will allow you to quickly identify the most interesting hits.

Cell Lines

In addition to the biochemical assay, complementary validation in a more physiological context can also be performed to validate the molecular interaction and cell signalization effect of the selected hits.

For that purpose, a series of cell lines, culturing buffers and reagents have been developed for many applications:

Fig. 4: BPS Bioscience Immunotherapy cell based assay poster
  • Expression cell lines: Antibody screening / FACS analysis / Binding studies….
  • Reporter cell lines: Measure Signalling, Promoter, transcription factor activity…
  • Co-Stimulatory Cell Lines: Inhibitor screening / Antibody affinity / CO-culture studies….

As described in figure 4, all these cell based assays will help you to investigate multiple areas of Immunotherapy such as CAR- T cells , Immune Checkpoint Blockade and ADCC to validate the optimization of the FC Domain.
Download your copy of the poster here to get more information.

Want to find the best solutions for your Immunotherapy Research? Interested in greatly reducing time and costs with ready-to-use solutions? Download the poster and contact your local tebu-bio office to get more information on the BPS Bioscience solutions.

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Can’t find the right recombinant protein for your experiment? Don’t want to waste your time on compound screening? Don’t hesitate to contact us about our lab services for custom protein production or any compound screening.

Written by Frédéric Samazan
Frédéric Samazan is the Marketing Manager at tebu-bio, and an avid football fan in his spare time.