Why you should outsource your production of proteins – both stable or unstable

Whether your protein is simple to produce, or complex and requires more development, in any case, outsourcing your protein expression, purification and production is a very viable option for your projects.

Saving time, resources and money is nearly always a top priority, so calling on outsourcing services to allow you to re-allocate your staff and fund savings makes sense. Particularly given that all the tedious and hard work in optimizing ideal protein expression and purification processes will have already been done for you!

Protein production – why you can trust our experts

Our laboratories have already assisted many life scientists, also with difficult recombinant protein expression and purification programs. Many researchers regularly benefit from our fully customisable service platform, for R&D-scale protein purification from E. coli or Hek293 EBNA cells. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of this expertise too?

In the poster below presented at the SBCN 2018 meeting (Bordeaux, France), our expert Isabelle Topin PhD. demonstrated how our solutions can help advance your R&D by optimising your protein expression, together with improved purification processes and buffer composition – including for unstable proteins in these examples.

This expertise has indeed enabled us to establish an efficient, holistic process that can be applied for each protein as a first intention screening. The benefits of this strategy in terms of time and cost are very impressive, and while we’re handling this part of your project, you can move ahead on other important aspects of your research.

Interested in learning more?

Download your copy of the poster “More and Better – Innovative tips and tricks for production and purification of unstable proteins“.

Protein expression - Capture-poster-SCBN-2018-Discover-the-More-and-Better-Innovative-tips-and-tricks-for-production-and-purification-of-unstable-proteins-ITO-tebu-bio.png

Looking for target protein expression optimization? Click on the preview above to download the full poster “More and Better – Innovative tips and tricks for production and purification of unstable proteins”

Would you like to know how we can help to boost your project? Access these outsourcing solutions here and get in contact with our specialists to discuss your requirements, we’ll be pleased to provide the best solutions adapted to your situation, either for straightforward protein production, or for more complex proteins.

Written by Frédéric Samazan
Frédéric Samazan is the Marketing Manager at tebu-bio, and an avid football fan in his spare time.