Which are the best tools to study the JAK/STAT Pathway?

JAK/STAT Pathway - Courtesy of RayBiotech (tebu-bio)
JAK/STAT Pathway - Courtesy of RayBiotech (tebu-bio)

JAK/STAT Pathway – Courtesy of RayBiotech

The JAK/STAT pathway is an important signalling process for numerous cytokines and growth factors.

Its activation is essential to many processes such as hematopoiesis, immune development, growth, adipogenesis, mammary gland development…

While numerous publications have implicated this JAK/STAT pathway in autoimmune disease and malignancies, it became a popular target for drug development in the treatment of blood cancers (eg. JAK2 mutations are involved in myeloproliferative neoplasms), as well as inflammatory and viral diseases.

There is a wide array of tools to study this central pathway: from ELISA to antibody arrays, recombinant proteins and  antibodies. They allow the exploration of the phosphorylation events, JAK proteins recruitment and activation, both in their active and inactive forms.

Here, I’d like to focus on the range of products by RayBiotech, recognised and appreciated for their high quality and reliability.


Antibody Arrays


Many more reagents & kits from a selection of brands for studying this pathway (as well as a lot of others!) are also available, and easy to find with this search engine.

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Written by Isabelle Nobiron, PhD
Isabelle is a Product Manager at tebu-bio, and also the company's ISO Quality Manager.