Which bacterial strains for recombinant protein expression?

Because of their rapid growth and their affordability, bacterial expression systems are very convenient when producing recombinant proteins.

Legionellen 2Nevertheless, one of the key elements in the design of the experimental procedures for producing a recombinant protein in E. Coli is the selection of the right bacterial strain for the right protein. This is not an easy step but remains of utmost importance.

Based on our in-house experience, we’ve compiled a guide aimed at helping you in your choice of the “ideal” engineered bacterial strain for efficient recombinant proteins expression.

You’ll find useful information for selecting the reliable strains suited to your downstream applications, with characteristics (quality, biological activity, folding…).

Guide to the best bacterial strains for recombinant protein expression

Interested? Download your copy here:
Guide to choosing the best bacterial strains for recombinant protein expression

Written by Isabelle Topin, PhD
Isabelle Topin was a Project Manager at tebu-bio - her expertise ranges from genes to proteins, through biochemistry and molecular, cellular, structural and animal biology.