Where to find antigens and antibodies for Enterovirus-specific Assay development

Assay development for viral and infectious diseases

Enteroviruses are common human viruses causing rather mild symptoms. However many different species and serotypes (incl. Echoviruses, Polioviruses, Coxsackieviruses A and B) can cause serious illness (like EV71 & Coxsackie A16 with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease or EV70 with acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis, neurologic dysfunction and permanent polio-like paralysis).

In this brief post, you will discover recent Antigen & Antibody developments made in this field by Meridian Life Sciences.

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Viral particle

It is estimated that more than one billion people worldwide are affected annually and infants and children are especially at risk. Infections can happen any time of the year, but summer and early fall are the main seasons. Summer camps and day care centres are common places for outbreaks. Infection is usually confirmed by virus isolation or serologically by detection of specific antibodies (IgM or IgA).

Serological assays with broad reactivity to multiple serotypes are the most useful and convenient.

3 new Enterovirus Antigens for serological assays

For this reason, our partner Meridian Life Sciences has recently released new Enterovirus Antigens ideally suitable for use as a control in LF or as an immunogen:

  1. Coxsackie A16 Recombinant (cat. nr R01763; E. coli)
  2. EV71 Recombinant (cat. nr R01764; E. coli)
  3. EV70 Recombinant (cat. nr R01765; E. coli)

Other Enterovirus related products for your assay development

4 Coxsackie Virus Antigens

  1. A9 Native Antigen (cat. nr R17900; Cell Culture)
  2. A16 Native Antigen (cat. nr R17160; Cell Culture)
  3. B1 Recombinant Antigen (cat. nr R01517; E.coli)
  4. B1 Native Antigen (cat. nr R14400; Cell Culture)

2 Enterovirus Monoclonal Antibodies

  1. MAb to EV Pan-reactive VP3 (cat. nr C01700M)
  2. MAb to EV70 (cat. nr C01670M)

2 Poliovirus Monoclonal Antibodies

  1. MAb to Poliovirus 1 (cat. nr C30510M)
  2. MAb to Poliovirus 3 (cat. nr C30027M)

If you are looking for particular high quality Antigens and Antibodies for your assay development related to virology, infectious diseases and toxins, leave me a message below or contact your local tebu-bio office.

Written by Philippe Fixe, PhD
Philippe Fixe is a former Marketing Manager at tebu-bio, passionate about innovation and R&D in Life sciences, Biotechnology, Medical research, Drug discovery, and also a keen photographer.