Obtain clear Western Blot and Immunoprecipitation results

TrueBlot Mouse IP Western Blot Comparison

Generating high-quality Immunoprecipitation & Western Blot (IP & WB) data has never been easier. See how you can easily achieve this in our Tips & Tricks section to get clean WB-IP.

The TrueBlot® reagents (from Rockland Immunochemicals) are specifically designed to reduce heavy / light chain blotting contamination and ongoing interferences that commonly occur.

TrueBlot for clean IP Western Blot with clear Detection of Blotted Target Bands

Such problems usually arise when the same antibody (or antibodies from the same species) is used in both the immunoprecipitation and the primary western blot detection. This prevents biologically-relevant data from being collected, especially when the target of interest is similar in size to the heavy and light chains that may remain and create overlapping bands.

TrueBlot Mouse IP Western Blot Comparison

Typical clean WP-IP results obtained with TrueBlot

TrueBlot® products are prominent tools for bypassing these artefacts in IP & WB, whilst increasing the sensitivity of immunoassays for publication-grade WB. It eliminates 55 kDa heavy and ~23 kDa light chains from masking your proteins of interest. Indeed, the TrueBlot® secondary antibodies preferentially detect the native disulfide form of your primary antibody and effectively eliminate the “artificial” bands.

Thus, only detecting your target protein and providing unparalleled clarity in results and high-quality imaging suitable for reproduction.

TrueBlot® immuno-blotting reagents are easy to use: simply replace your conventional HRP or fluorescent reagent with a TrueBlot® for publication-quality IP & WB data.

The TrueBlot® products are available for mouse, rabbit, sheep and goat primary antibodies. IP/Western blots thus obtained are highly specific with an increased sensitivity, less background noise, and enhanced accuracy.

  • Easy to Use – HRP-conjugated TrueBlot® anti-Ig simply replaces your regular HRP-conjugated secondary antibody.
  • Accurate Target Detection – TrueBlot® preferentially detects native (non-denatured) Ig, ensuring you are only detecting your target protein.
  • Ideal for studying post-translational protein modifications, e.g. phosphorylation, or protein-protein interactions.

The basic TrueBlot® concept map is depicted below and outlines the major mechanisms by which TrueBlot® can create exceptionally clear results.


TrueBlot schematic

TrueBlot schematic experimental workflow (Rockland Immunochemicals – tebu-bio)

TrueBlot® reagents are available in several options, from IP Beads alone, to complete IP/Western Blot kits from goat, mouse, rabbit or sheep:TrueBlot Rabbit IP Western Blot Comparison

Mouse TrueBlot Products

Mouse TrueBlot®: Anti-Mouse Ig Biotin (cat. nr 13-8817-80 and 13-8817-82)

Mouse TrueBlot® ULTRA: Anti-Mouse Ig HRP (cat nr 18-8817-3018-8817-31,18-8817-33)

Mouse TrueBlot® Set (with IP Beads; cat. nr 88-7788-31)

Mouse TrueBlot® Western Blot Kit (cat. nr 88-8887-31)

Rabbit TrueBlot ProductsTrueBlot Goat IP Western Blot Comparison

Rabbit TrueBlot®: Anti-Rabbit IgG HRP (cat. nr 18-8816-31, 18-8816-33)

Rabbit TrueBlot® Set (with IP beads; cat. nr 88-1688-31)

Rabbit TrueBlot® Western Blot Kit (cat. nr 88-8886-31)

Goat TrueBlot Products

Goat TrueBlot®: Anti-Goat IgG HRP (cat. nr 18-8814-31, 18-8814-33)

Goat TrueBlot® Set (with IP beads; cat. nr 88-1488-31)

Goat TrueBlot® Western Blot Kit (cat. nr 88-8884-31)

SheepTrueBlot Products

Sheep TrueBlot®: Anti-Sheep IgG HRP (cat. nr 18-8815-31, 18-8815-33)

TrueBlot IP Beads

TrueBlot® Anti-Goat Ig IP Beads (cat. nr 00-8844-25)

TrueBlot® Anti-Mouse Ig IP Beads (cat. nr 00-8811-25)

TrueBlot® Anti-Rabbit Ig IP Beads (cat. nr 00-8800-25)

All TrueBlot products here.

See TrueBlot in action to get clear WB/IP results!


New – TrueBlot Magnetic Beads

Recently, TrueBlot® Magnetic Beads were added to the product range. They are super-paramagnetic, non-aggregating, spherical nanoparticles with uniform size for the separation of biological materials. These magnetic beads are ideal for:

Method A - TrueBlot Magnetic Beads by Rockland at tebu-bio.com

TrueBlot Magnetic Beads by Rockland at tebu-bio.com – Method A

  • Protein sample preparation,
  • Protein isolation,
  • Protein purification,
  • Immuno-assays,
  • Antibody screening,
  • Cell isolation/activation/expansion and immunoprecipitations.

TrueBlot® Magnetic Beads benefits

  • Uniform size and fast binding kinetics
  • High binding capacity – Fast and efficient target purification from small amounts of biological sample
  • Stable and preblocked – Clean purification even from complex samples
  • Uniformal small sized (0.5µm) and irregular surface of beads – Large surface binding area for binding target molecules efficiently and with high reproducibility
  • Scalable – Up-scaling for sample size, sample type and automation

Use TrueBlot® Magnetic Beads for ideal:

  • Separation of biological materials for sample preparation
  • Capturing (purifying) targets (e.g. proteins, antigens, antibodies, DNA/RNA, cells…) in both manual and automated research applications

Method B - TrueBlot Magnetic Beads by Rockland at tebu-bio.com

TrueBlot Magnetic Beads by Rockland at tebu-bio.com – Method B

DNA Yield: Trueblot Magnetic beads at tebu-bio.com

DNA Yield obtained with Trueblot Magnetic beads vs. Competition

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Written by Xavier Faussadier
Xavier worked at tebu-bio for 6 months acquiring work experience in marketing for Life Sciences & Biotechnologies.