tebu-bio is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the 1st Course on “Post-transcriptional gene regulation: mechanisms at the heart of networks” (Institut Curie, March 23-27, 2015) that will be training 40 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from 10 countries. Post-transcriptional gene regulation refers to every level of gene-expression control in a cell that occurs between transcription and the resulting protein levels. Specialists in this field study such things as polyadenylation, miRNAs, RNA binding proteins, signal transduction, and (pre)mRNA splicing.

The program for the course, which will be held at both the Orsay, France and Paris, France campuses, includes a number of talks (open to the public) from European RNA biology experts:

  • Fatima Gebauer (CRG, Barcelona) “Post-transcriptional control of cancer progression by the RNA binding protein UNR”
  • Reuven Agami (NKI, Amsterdam) “Identifying and characterizing cancerous genes: Focus on RNA”
  • Ola Larsson (Karolinska, Stockholm) “Polysome fractionation and analysis of mammalian translatomes on a genome-wide scale”
  • Hervé Le Hir (ENS, Paris) “Expression of eukaryotic mRNAs: focus on the Exon Junction Complex (EJC)”
  • Edouard Bertrand (IGMM Montpellier) “Visualising mRNA synthesis, processing and transport”
  • Frederic Allain (ETH, Zurich) “Molecular basis of protein-RNA interactions”
  • Martin Dutertre (Institut Curie, Orsay) “Alternative splicing/polyadenylation in cancer and stress responses”
  • Roderic Guigo (CRG, Barcelona) “Computational biology of RNA processing”
  • Matthias Hentze (EMBL, Heidelberg) “RNA-binding proteins, metabolism and a new function for the genome?”
  • Jernej Ule (MRC, Cambridge, UK) “Understanding the structure of full-length mRNAs, and its impact on mRNA stability and translation”
  • Didier Auboeuf (Inserm, Lyon) “Alternative splicing and tumor progression”
  • Reini De Luco (IGH, Montpellier, FR) “Beyond the DNA: a new role for chromatin in alternative splicing regulation”
  • Jeffrey Chao (FMI, Basel, SW) “A TRICK for imaging RNAs in living cells”
  • Stéphan Vagner (Institut Curie, Orsay, FR) “Cap-dependent and independent translation initiation in cancer”
  • Olivier Namy (Univ. Paris Sud, FR) “Genome-wide translational regulations in eukaryotes”
  • Juan Valcarcel (CRG, Barcelona, ES) “Networks of alternative splicing regulation in cancer”
  • Andreas Kulozik (UniKlinic, Heidelberg, DE) “Modulating NMD efficiency in genetic disorders caused by nonsense mutations”
  • Marc-Henri Stern (Institut Curie, Paris, FR) “Spliceosome mutations in hematologic malignancies and solid tumors”
  • Caroline Robert (Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, FR) “Targeting translation to relieve resistance to anti-BRAF/anti-MEK inhibitors in melanoma and other solid cancers”
  • Yves Pommier (NIH, Bethesda, USA) ” Impact of anticancer topoisomerase I inhibitors beyond transcription”

The trainees will participate in judged poster sessions and a career round table luncheon with individuals (including myself) able to give some insight into the various careers PhD researchers can pursue:

  • 20141121_Affiche_0(1)Elias Bechara, Training manager – CRG-Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona
  • Mark Livingstone, Sales Manager Molecular Biology TEBU-BIO
  • Abderrahim Mahfoudi, Senior Director – Oncology Business Opportunities- SANOFI
  • David Boucard,  Science & Policy Officer – GUSTAVE ROUSSY Institute

My current role as head of the molecular biology offer at tebu-bio is one of those rare alternative careers that allows me to use my highly specialized scientific training in a rewarding career. To be able to help RNA biologists with their research is a natural step after doing a PhD studying mRNA translation.

Want to learn more about tebu-bio’s offer related to post-transcriptional gene regulation? Click on the links below or contact me directly:

  • tebu-bio’s 3D-Gene® miRNA profiling platform: tebu-bio is the European service provider for Toray Industries’ innovative genome-wide miRNA. Click here to see some recent publications who used the Toray system for miRNA profiling.
  • tebu-bio supplies the most complex, highest quality oligos including full-length long mRNAs and complex chemically modified randomers for NGS library prep produced by TriLink Biotech. Click here to fill out our form and our experts will contact you. We recently created the iCLIP L3 linker as a catalog product for the European RNA biologists who were each custom ordering this. Would your custom oligo make a good catalog product?
  • tebu-bio is distributing the highest quality RNA biology enzymes and kits produced by Epicentre (an Illumina company) and by CellScript. tebu-bio’s customers like to bundle purchases for these enzymes and kits with their catalog and custom nucleotide and oligo purchases from TriLink Biotech including ARCA and modified nucleosides like pseudouridine that reduce the innate immune response to foreign mRNAs.
  • tebu-bio is now distributing iSWAB RNA Collection Kits for collection of RNA with buccal swabs. These kits are designed for RNASeq-based population genetics projects, but RNA biologists can probably think of some clever projects based on cheek swabbed RNA. Contact us if you want to try a free kit.
  • Overcoming the bioinformatics bottleneck: tebu-bio is partnering with some of the most specialized service providers for DNASeq, RNASeq, Epigenomics and Proteomic analysis to help European scientists generate and analyze their genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics data.
  • tebu-bio’s lab has a complete hypoxia chamber. Contact us if you want us to perform your experiment under hypoxic conditions.