sIFNAR2 antibody used to develop a new ELISA for MS

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publication by Órpez-Zafra et al. presents the development of a new sandwich ELISA method to check sIFNAR2 levels in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients.


ELISA determination of sIFNAR2 concentration in serum of non-treated MS patients and healthy controls.

MS is an autoimmune disorder that is characterised by inflammation of the central nervous system, demyelination and axonal damage. IFN-β is a key molecule in this disease, mainly because it maintains the anti-inflammatory status of the immune system, and is therefore one of the main treatments used for MS patients.

IFN-β action is mediated by its receptor (IFNAR), that has two subunits (IFNAR1 and IFNAR2). The interaction between the cytokine and its receptor activates, among others, the JAK-STAT pathway, and concludes with different biological response.

Therefore, measuring IFNAR2 levels in MS patients could be a valuable tool to better monitor the disease and how it responds to treatment.

tebu-bio is glad to have contributed, albeit very modestly, to this development, by working together with the research laboratory in optimising the use of the right antibodies for their ELISA assay.

Congratulations to the whole team for this interesting publication!