CRISPR-CAS9 is a powerful technology for gene editing. It allows targeted modifications into the genome of the cell lines, IPSCs and ESCs. Despite the principle being pretty simple, in practice its use requires some expertise, and it can even turn into a time consuming adventure… That’s why the best way to benefit from it is most certainly through affordable services.

Simplifying gene editing

We can distinguish 2 kinds of gene editing. Knock-out (KO) of a gene or a miRNA to abolish the corresponding function. Knock-in (KI) is the modification of the target. KI can be point mutation, gene tagging, exon swapping, SNP allele editing. Actually, gene editing can be anything we need for research.

Gene editing principle

KO cell line service

To make it as easy as possible, you just need to specify the cells and the targeted gene, and then 4 months later you’ll receive the monoclonal KO cell line with genotyping by NGS.

The service includes:

  • Design and validation of reagents
  • Clonal expansion
  • NGS genotyping

Ask for your quote right here. It’s very affordable!

KI cell line service

It’s a little be more sophisticated and you’ll need to mention the modification. Just provide the targeted sequence and indicate with * the position of the insertion. For point mutation, please indicate the base to modify and the 20 bases in 3′ and in 5′. Then, 6 months later you’ll receive the monoclonal KI cell line with genotyping NGS.

Here again, the goal is to make gene editing simple and affordable. So don’t wait and ask for your quote here!

Our gene editing experts are at Canopy laboratories at St Louis in the USA.

Written by Dimitri Szymczak, PhD
Dimitri Szymczak is a Technical Support Specialist and Product Manager at tebu-bio, and a fan of capoeira in his spare time.