ORF expression in Mammalian cells is very useful for many applications: protein production with HEK293, over-expression of tagged protein for immuno-tracking or immuno-precipitation, development of a cell line for drug discovery such as a cancer model expressing PD-1 or PD-L1…

Unfortunately, plasmid delivery into primary cells and cell lines is often challenging, providing low or even no transfection efficiency. The solution is a robust lentiviral system.

So, how do you identify the right lentiviral system? With the titer! The higher is the better. 107TU/ml is ok… and 108TU/ml is very good.

How do you achieve this? Experts of lentiviral particles with safety level 2 labs can optimize their production from the lentivirus plasmids that we can provide in small (10µg) to high quantity (100µg to more than 1mg).

Fortunately, even without the proper facilities and expertise, researchers can simply get lentiviral particles at 108TU/ml by contacting us. They are fully customizable: promoter, ORF, selection marker and tags, and should take 6-8 weeks.

Several options to design lentivirus

In both cases, don’t hesitate to contact me through the comments form below to find out more.

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Written by Dimitri Szymczak, PhD
Dimitri Szymczak is a Technical Support Specialist and Product Manager at tebu-bio, and a fan of capoeira in his spare time.