New Human Liver Lysosomes: “Our experiments went fantastically well!”

Hearing about results from other researchers is always interesting – we’d like to share a testimonial from our first customer using Human Liver Lysosomes. You can get an idea of how these performed in their experiments.

Our experiments went fantastically well – we see some potential in the material as a tool to generate metabolites of interest in higher yields than the typical systems. See attached a snapshot of one experiment where we incubated a X compound in development with Hepatocytes, Microsomes and the Lysosomes you provided us with. With Lysosomes we were able to generate a metabolite (M6) with significantly higher yields and this is great because it may be a useful tool to allow full characterization of metabolites


Learn more about Human Liver Lysosomes here: Opening a new era in catabolism models

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Written by Jean-François Têtu, PhD
Jean-François Têtu is Sales & Marketing Manager at tebu-bio He also fervently defends and promotes anything from his home territory, the north of France.