New Human Immune Checkpoint Antibody Array

Immune checkpoint molecules play an important role in T cell functionality after TCR/MHC signaling. In fact, blockade of two B7/CD28 family checkpoint molecules, namely CTLA-4 and PD-1, have already demonstrated excellent efficacy in increasing T cell responses to a variety of tumors.

Recently, the United States FDA approved an anti-CTLA-4 monoclonal antibody (Ipilimumab, 2011) and two anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibodies (Pembrolizumab 2014, and Nivolumab 2014) for the treatment of advanced melanoma. Other immune checkpoint molecules have been increasingly considered as new targets for cancer immunotherapy.Untitled

In order for better identification of novel target and elucidation of the checkpoint blockade, we are happy to announce the release of the first human Immune Checkpoint Molecule array 1 for detection of the 10 most important B7/CD28 family checkpoint molecules: B7-1/CD80, B7-2/CD86, B7-H1/PD-L1, B7- H2/ICOSL, B7-H3, CD28, CTLA-4, ICOS, PD-1, and PD-L2/B7-DC.

This antibody array uses a sandwich-based detection, pretty much the same as traditional ELISAs…only that it allows to quantify 10 markers at the same time! Results are obtained in a few hours, and data analysis is easily performed by the use of dedicated software.

This array is ready to be used in your lab, or we can also do it for you in our laboratories. Just send your samples to us, and get the data you need back in a few days.

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

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Written by Elodie Monin
Elodie is the former Community Manager at tebu-bio.