Wnt/ß catenin – New Time Bioscience / tebu-bio cooperation

tebu-bio is pleased to announce their agreement with Time Bioscience to distribute their innovative products in the Wnt/ß catenin research field throughout Europe

tebu-bio (Le Perray, France) has signed an agreement with Time Bioscience to bring European researchers access to Time Bioscience’s Wnt/ß catenin related portfolio through their network of local offices in 9 countries.

Time Bioscience (Worcester, MA, USA) offers a rapidly growing portfolio of drug discovery platforms, consisting of high quality proteins involved in the Wnt/catenin pathway and reporter cell lines designed to monitor the activity of β-catenin-based Wnt signal transduction pathway.

The canonical ß-Catenin dependant pathway (Wnt/ß-Catenin)

The canonical ß-Catenin dependant pathway (Wnt/ß-Catenin)

Dr. Tom Shi (CEO) who has a strong background in drug discovery research targeting Wnt signaling pathway, says “We are excited to collaborate with tebu-bio on the marketing our products throughout the European research community, especially as we believe that tebu-bio has a very good standing in the Drug Discovery field and that our products will accelerate Drug Discovery related campaigns targeting the Wnt/ß catenin pathway.”

Dr. Ali El Bayâ (tebu-bio, Sales Manager – Proteins & Protein based Products & Services) adds “We at tebu-bio are constantly seeking to complement our offer linked to drug screening activities, as well as fundamental research in the Academic environment. Both in Drug Discovery and in basic research the Wnt/ß catenin pathway is a hot topic, and we are happy to expand our global offer in this exciting field.”

To find out more about Time Bioscience’s products available from tebu-bio, visit tebu-bio’s website.

About Time Bioscience

Time Bioscience, based in Worcester, MA, USA, produces and markets Wnt/ß catenin related products. The focus lays on highly active proteins involved in this pathway like Wnt variants, Wnt signaling inhibitors, and Wnt signaling receptors, as well as reporter cell lines and their control cell lines which enable scientists to measure the effects of Wnt and the potential of compounds to inhibit these effects. Compound Screening Kits designed to allow investigators to quickly identify novel inhibitors of Dkk2-LRP6 interaction are under development.

About tebu-bio

tebu-bio is a pan-European company with 9 local offices throughout Europe, specialised in providing innovative reagents and laboratory services in Life Sciences. tebu-bio’s own laboratories operating in France provide researchers with an ever-growing offer of standard or custom lab services.
tebu-bio is an active member of recognised professional networks and clusters (Medicen, Cosmetic Valley…), and received the PM’up award in the Health/Life Sciences sector, attributed to dynamic, high-potential companies by the “Région Ile-de-France” (regional French government). tebu-bio regularly signs new European distribution agreements, proof of the company’s dynamism and professional drive. More information on tebu-bio’s website.

Written by Ali El Baya, PhD
Ali el Bayâ is the Sales Manager at tebu-bio for the North of Europe.