MitoPeDPP: a new mitochondrial fluorescent probe for live cell imaging

MitoPeDPP experimental results for mitochondrial research and ROS detection

Dojindo just completed its offer in the field of mitochondrial research with the release of a unique fluorescent dye for live cell imaging. This post introduces this new MitoPeDPP mitochondrial probe.

Principle of the MitoPeDPP fluorescent dye Dojindo tebu-bio M466-10

Schematic representation of the Dojindo’s MitoPeDPP (cat. nr M466-10) fluorescent dye.

MitoPeDPP is a probe that allows the monitoring and fluorescent imaging of lipohilic peroxides in living cells.

Cell permeable, this perylene-based dye has been developed by Dr Shioji (Kukuoka University). Its molecular structure makes it possible to easily enter into cells and remain accumulated in the inner membrane of mitochondria. Once oxidized by lipophilic peroxide (but not with ROS and RNS), Ox-MitoPeDPP emits a strong fluorescent signal (excitation 452 nm, emission 470 nm) ideal for monitoring lipophilic peroxide by live cell imaging.

The MitoPeDPP (cat. nr M466-10) comes as 3 vials of 5 µg in a tighly closed bag to protect the probe from light. The dye is easily reconstituted by adding 50 µl DMSO to a tube and dissolving MitoPeDPP with pipeting.

Used in conjuction with the MitoRed (Cat. R237-10), another cell-membrane-permeable rhodamine-based dye used to localize mitochondria by fluorescence, MitoPeDPP is an excellent selective probe for mitochondrial peroxides and mitochondrial research in general.

Detection of peroxide in mitochondria of HepG2 cells by MitoPeDPP. Dojindo tebu-bio

Detection of peroxide in mitochondria of HepG2 cells by MitoPeDPP. Source: Dojindo – tebu-bio: research tools for mitochondrial research.

MitoPeDPP experimental data on HeLa cells treated with Rotenone. Dojindo tebu-bio

Detection of lipophilic peroxides with MitoPeDPP on HeLa cells incubated with the Rotenone (pesticide). Source: Dojindo- tebu-bio.

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Written by Philippe Fixe, PhD
Philippe Fixe is a former Marketing Manager at tebu-bio, passionate about innovation and R&D in Life sciences, Biotechnology, Medical research, Drug discovery, and also a keen photographer.