Low-cost, high-throughput device for single-cell RNA sequencing

The main challenge in RNA-sequencing workflow is certainly library preparation. When it’s question of single-cell isolation and so 10-100 picogram of total RNA, the challenge may become mission impossible… Today, we’re pleased to present a smart and simple device, to solve both single cell isolation and to help with library preparation.

How does the One Million Microwell Device work?

device for single-cell isolation

Single-cell RNA sequencing workflow

The device contains 1 million microwells of 30µm diameter. The cells are spread on it and trapped in the microwells. Then, barcoded magnetic beads are loaded to catch and label each single cell. Thus, the magnetic pull-down of the cells keeps the single cell identity. The library preparation is then simply based on the pulled material.

To conclude, the One Million Microwell Device makes single-cell isolation very easy, and turn the scRNA-seq libraries preparation into a reasonable experiment.

We’ll be posting more about these devices in the near future… stay tuned!

Written by Dimitri Szymczak, PhD
Dimitri Szymczak is a Technical Support Specialist and Product Manager at tebu-bio, and a fan of capoeira in his spare time.