Immunotherapy research: Easily build your own reporter cell line

As discussed previously in our recent Drug Discovery post, Immunotherapy is one of the central research fields for various disease treatments and also certain cancers. A major regulator of immune homoeostasis and preventing autoimmunity, but potentially dysregulated in various cancers, Immune Checkpoint targeting has already led to promising treatment molecules (Nivolumab, Pembrolizumab…).

To face the challenges of Immune system complexity and the tumor microenvironment, BPS Biosciences have developed several reporter cellular lines (the full listing is here) to complement Biochemical assays. By providing more physiological outcomes in a cellular context (functionality of the whole cell signaling pathway) BPS cell lines allow, for example, the identification of an agonist vs antagonistic effect of your candidate.

To acquire this cell line without any risk, BPS proposes a unique Rental program with an attractively priced 3 month trial period.

However, even with this advantageous renting program, an already-made reporter cell line may still represent a high expenditure for some research labs.

To bypass this financial problem, BPS Bioscience have developed Transient Reporter kits that can be used to monitor signaling pathways. Containing transfection-ready vectors, they will allow you to screen for activators or inhibitors, and to study the effects of RNAi or gene over expression on the activity of a given pathway in your own cell line. (All these Reporter kits are available here)


These reporters kits contain vectors that encode firefly luciferase under control of a minimal promoter with a response element upstream, used as a pathway responsive reporter (fig 2), and constitutively express Renilla Luciferase as a transfection control to normalize your results.

To easily detect these two kinds of luciferase, BPS have developed a Specific Dual Luciferase detection kit, allowing you to obtain more accurate results (more technical description in this article).

All these reporters kits are available individually, but BPS Bioscience also offers researchers a more convenient and money saving option with the Transfection Collection (Transient Pack). This pack contain:

The cost of the Transfection Collection is less than the cost of purchasing each of the individual items, making them easily accessible and cost-saving (view the whole Transfection Collection offer here).

Finally, both the reporter kit alone or the complete Transfection collection package provide scientists with a versatile and convenient solution for all their research for the discovery of new compounds in the Immunotherapy and Immune checkpoint research field.

If you are interested in this reporter kit to build your own reporter cell line, you might want to take a look at the following products:

Written by Frédéric Samazan
Frédéric Samazan is the Marketing Manager at tebu-bio, and an avid football fan in his spare time.