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Tips from being bio-reactive

Immuno-precipitation & Western Blots often suffer from heavy/light chain blotting, contamination, and ongoing interferences. This can prevent obtaining biologically-relevant data in a given experimental model, especially when the target of interest has a size similar to the IgG molecules that may remain. Getting rid of these “artificial” bands can be tricky. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the robustness of the TrueBlot® products for facing these issues.

TrueBlot® products by Rockland | tebu-bio.

TrueBlot® product-line by Rockland | tebu-bio.

One of the most popular tools bypassing artefacts in IP/WB, whilst increasing the sensitivity of immuno-assays are TrueBlot® products.

TrueBlot® detection system in IP/WB  for unparalleled clarity in results and highly quality image

TrueBlot® is a secondary antibody that enables unhindered detection of molecules. Its use is simple, as you only need to substitute your conventional HRP or fluorescent reagent with mouse, rabbit, goat or sheep TrueBlot®. TrueBlot® preferentially detects the native disulfide form of mouse, rabbit, goat, and sheep IgG. It is ideal for protocols involving immuno-blotting quantification of immuno-precipitated proteins and detection of target molecules.

TrueBlot® reduces interference with the ~55 kDa heavy and ~23 kDa light chains of the immuno-precipitating antibody in IP/immuno-blotting applications. Data thus obtained are even more explicit and make post-translational protein modifications (incl. phosphorylation) or protein-protein interactions easier.

IP/WB TrueBlot® protocol overview.

IP/WB TrueBlot® protocol overview.

IP/WB data with Mouse TrueBlot® vs. Conventional Anti-Mouse HRP data.

IP/WB data with Mouse TrueBlot® vs. Conventional Anti-Mouse HRP data.

TrueBlot® detection system: WB/IP and much more…

TrueBlot® products are available for goat, mouse, rabbit and sheep primary antibodies. They allow the generation of publication-quality data and are compatible with:

  • Immuno-precipitation,
  • Western Blot and IP-WB applications.
Trueblot® technology combined with tfluorescent near infra-red DyLight™ dyes.

Trueblot® technology combined with tfluorescent near infra-red DyLight™ dyes for IP/WB and multiplexing.

Recently, these reagents have been successfully used various types of immuno-assays (ELISA, IHC and IF…). As an example, Fluorescent TrueBlot®  brings the power and specificity of the original Trueblot® technology with the versatility of fluorescent and near infra-red dyes for a variety of immunoassays including multiplexing detections.

To sum up the benefits of TrueBlot®…

  • Easy to use – HRP-conjugated TrueBlot® anti-Ig simply replaces your regular HRP-conjugated secondary antibody
  • Accurate target detection – TrueBlot® preferentially detects native (non-denatured) Ig, ensuring you are only detecting your target protein
  • Ideal for studying post-translational protein modifications, or protein-protein interactions

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