Find high performing monoclonal antibodies for your Renin-specific ELISA tests

Kidney, Renin, Angiotensin

Released by the kidneys, Renin is an enzyme which belongs to the Renin-Angiotensin system (RAS) and is involved in blood pressure homeostasis.

In healthcare, Renin assay blood tests can be performed to find the cause of high blood pressure (hypertension). When tested alongside with Aldosterone measurements, one can obtain a complete understanding of an individual’s hormone balance.

Aldosterone Regulatory Hormone. Souce Arbor Assay

Aldosterone Regulatory Hormone Signalling pathway. Souce Arbor Assay

In preclinical and fundamental research, a Renin ELISA test therefore becomes of interest to monitor this biomarker in various disease states particularly when analyzed together with other biomarkers like Aldosterone and Cortisol. Different disorders can then be differentiated such as Primary and Secondary Hyperaldosteronism, Cushing syndrome, and Addison’s disease (adrenal insufficiency)…

Our selection of Renin Mabs for your ELISA tests

We have selected a series of high performing Renin specific monocalonal antibodies (Mabs) from Meridian Life Science to help Life Scientists and Assay Developers in Drug Discovery develop reliable Renin-specific ELISA tests for their research projects.

All of them are proven Renin Mabs and compatible with ELISA applications 100% specific for Renin:

  1. MAb to Renin cat. ntr E01363M-1 (1mg – Mab – E01263M CoA)
  2. MAb to Renin cat. nr E01364M-1 (1mg – Mab – E01364M CoA)
  3. MAb to Renin cat. nr E01365M-1 (1 mg – Mab) – E01365M CoA)
  4. MAb to Renin cat. nr E01366M-1 (1 mg – F(Ab)’2 – E01366M CoA)

Pairing Information to design and develop your own Renin ELISA tests

Capture Pairing Information of Renin Mabs to develop Renin-specific ELISA Tests - Meridian Life Science & tebu-bio

Capture Pairing Information of Renin Mabs to develop Renin-specific ELISA Tests – Meridian Life Science & tebu-bio


Related EIA and ELISA test for biomarker monitoring

It’s interesting to note that some ready-to-use EIA tests in relation with RAS are also available from Arbor Assays and available in Europe via tebu-bio.

  1. DetectX ® CORTISOL Enzyme Immunoassay Kit (Cat. nr K003-H1) – Ready to use Cortisol EIA Kit to measure Cortisol in 90 Minutes from serum, EDTA and Heparin plasma and tissue culture media, dried fecal extracts, saliva and urine.
  2. DetectX® Aldosterone Enzyme Immunoassay kit Sensitive EIA test (Cat. nr K052-H1) – Measure from 5,000 to 3.9 pg/mL of Aldosterone from serum, EDTA or Heparin plasma, urine, fecal extracts and tissue culture media.
  3. DetectX® Endothelin-1 (ET-1) ELISA test kit (Cat. nr K045-H) – Measure < 0.58 pg/mL ET-1 in plasma, serum and any other biological samples.
  4. DetectX® Serum Creatinine Detection Kits (Cat. nr KB02-H) – Monitor this kidney damage biomarker in biological fluids and samples.
  5. DetectX® Corticosterone EIA Kits (Cat. nr K014-H) – Measure Corticosterone in as little as 2uL sample (Serum, Plasma, Urine, Saliva, tissue culture media and fecal extracts, hair, feather, Nail, Baleen, Respiratory Vapor or Mucus Samples…)
  6. DetectX® Human Cystatin C EIA Kit (Cat. nr K012-H1)
  7. DetectX® Urinary Retinol Binding Protein EIA Kit (Cat. nr KU04-H1)
  8. DetectX® Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Detection Kits (Cat. nr K024-H)

Another assay:

  • DetectX® Hemoglobin Colorimetric Detection Kit (Cat. nr K013-H1) – Measure Hemoglobin as little as 20 µg/mL in 30 Minutes from white blood cells, red blood cells, serum and plasma


If you are not an EIA expert or need extra hands to speed up your project, tebu-bio’s own European based laboratories can run the ELISA test for you very easily… get in touch to learn more or our browse our laboratory services here.


Written by Philippe Fixe, PhD
Philippe Fixe is a former Marketing Manager at tebu-bio, passionate about innovation and R&D in Life sciences, Biotechnology, Medical research, Drug discovery, and also a keen photographer.