Get your ELISA results before mid-morning coffee!

Believe it or not, some 20 years ago, performing an ELISA would take around 3 days. Now we are used to ELISAs that can be performed in one day, or even before lunch! (OK, sometimes before Spanish lunch times, which usually are at 14:00 or 15:00).

Fast ELISAs are a new step forward. By performing one washing step only, and through optimised protocols, results can be achieved in around 2.5 hours (this would really be before usual European lunch times… or mid-morning Spanish coffee)!

This allows to save a precious hands-on time that can be used to perform other experiments. With the pressure to publish nowadays (publish or perish!), and lack of staff in some laboratories, this has become more crucial than ever.elisa

So what are the benefits of fast ELISA kits?

  • Sensitivity equal or greater than standard ELISAs
  • Performance not compromised by speed
  • Kits are complete, ready to be used and without the need for additional reagents, buffers or plates
  • High batch-to-batch consistency
  • Easy protocols, all steps are clearly described

tebu-bio will soon release around 50 fast ELISA kits for popular human, mouse and rat targets such as IFN-gamma, adiponectin, IL-6, b-NGF, TNF-a, VEGF…

Would you like to save precious research time! Contact your local tebu-bio office to benefit from an introductory discount (mention reference code TEBUAIM)!