Get closer to the real Host Cell Protein (HCP) quantity

Recombinant protein production and protein purification raises the tricky question of host cell proteins (HCPs). To monitor the purification level of your protein of interest, the HCPs must be quantified. Of course, the quality and the optimisation of purification depends upon it. Here, we’ll take a look at an alternative to the gold standard, offering a way to detect more HCPs present in the production. So, are you ready for higher grade detection?

How about 25% more coverage?

The Canopy process of affinity purification of antibodies is very different from the leading competitor, giving us more sensitive antibodies that recognize a wider range of host cell proteins.

Canopy’s CHO HCP antibody was tested under similar conditions as competitor “C’s” CHO HCP antibody using 2D western blot analysis.

CHP HCP detection
Detected HCPs in blue

Results indicate Canopy’s antibody has 25% more coverage. Berkelman, T., Harbers, A., and Bandhakavi, S. Biorad Bulletin 6393. Wang, X. Unpublished data ang, X. Unpublished data.

2-8 fold more HCPs

The amount of HCP present in 3 different DSs (therapeutic antibodies, produced by CHO) was assessed by both the Canopy CHO HCP kit and the Competitor “C” kit. Canopy’s antibody detected 2-8 fold more HCPs. Fas, S. BioPharmaceutical Emerging Best Practices Association. 2014

Host cell proteins detection
More HCPs detected with Canopy ELISA kit, in blue

Intra-assay validation

Canopy’s CHO HCP antibody exhibited less intra-assay variation than the antibody bt Competitor C.

intra-assay variation of HCP ELISa kits
Less variation with Canopy CHO ELISa kit, in blue

Lot-to-lot consistency

Lot-to-lot variation was assessed using 3 different lots against 90, 30 and 10ng/ml. Lot-to-lot variation was negligible for the Canopy antibody.

inter-assay variation of HCP ELISa kit
Lot-to-lot consistency of Canopy HCPs ELISA kit

Find your new HCP detection kit

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Written by Dimitri Szymczak, PhD
Dimitri Szymczak is a Technical Support Specialist and Product Manager at tebu-bio, and a fan of capoeira in his spare time.