Fully licensed SLC cell lines for FDA and EMA recommended transporters

In a previous post, we introduced our Ready-to-use cellular models for SLC assays by GenoMembrane.

These cell lines transiently express the current FDA and EMA recommended SLC drug transporters (eg. OCT1 and OCT2; OAT1 and OAT3; MATE1; MAT2K…). Conditioned as cryopreserved format, they provide flexibility for experimental planning and can be assayed in just 2 days.

In this post, I’d like to illustrate the use of these cell lines and provide example of data that can be obtained with a selection of them. You might like to start by watching the video below, which demonstrates how easy it is to setup and run the assay. A more detailed protocol is provided when you order and receive each cell line.

An example of data obtained with the OATP1B1 cell line is shown below.
The uptake of 100nM estradiol 17-B-glucoronide is demonstrated using the OATP1B1 cell line versus the mock GM1001 (below left) while the effect of butyrate is displayed in the graph below right.

Another example of data showing uptake of 20uM TEA using the OCT1 cell line:

This panel of 9 solute carrier transporter cell lines offers the advantage of being licensed with the patent. This means that you (the researcher) are covered for the use of these SLC cell lines, and that you can use the data for publication or file submission.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this product line, get in touch with me through the form below, I’ll be pleased to get back to you.

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Written by Isabelle Nobiron, PhD
Isabelle is a Product Manager at tebu-bio, and also the company's ISO Quality Manager.