Don't drown while fishing for biomarkers!

At the Biomarkers team, we work closely with researchers all over Europe to help them find the right tools to discover new diagnostic and/or prognostic biomarkers. This is a trend in research nowadays. Horizon 2020 programs aiming at discovering new biomUntitledarkers have received major funding in 2014 and will continue to do so in 2015. This follows the path set for personalised medicine to improve the quality of life of patients all over the world.

However, research on biomarkers is not always easy. Getting the clinical samples or the samples from animal models requires a big deal of coordination. Choosing the right tool to unravel the molecular mechanisms behind a disease or its response to treatment is another stone on the way. And then… interpreting the results can be time-consuming too.

As a response to managing big data (be it from publications or from current experimental work), big data management systems have been developed, most of them based on Systems Biology. This has supposed a major advancement in the interpretation of biological data, and their translation to clinic.

I remember that, some months ago, my colleague Frédéric Dubor, Sales Manager from our laboratories at tebu-bio, commented on the fact that some of our customers for services were happy to get the results, but that time for publication and/or translation to clinic was hindered by the fact that Bioinformatic staff at their institutions were overwhelmed with tons of data that were not always easy to understand. At that time, we realised that we needed to offer also a good tool for data interpretation, especially when big profiling projects were performed.

After some months, we are happy to announce that we have reached an strategic agreement with Anaxomics. This company is an expert in Systems Biology and big data manipulation and interpretation. This way, researchers working with tebu-bio laboratories canUntitled benefit from this partnership, so that the experimental results they get can be analysed in the most convenient manner and timing by experts in the field. Inversely, researchers working with Anaxomics in getting data from hundreds of publications can rely on the expertise of tebu-bio laboratories to complement their studies with experimental work on their specific samples.

These kind of analysis is useful for:

  • Drug repositioning
  • Drug mechanism of action
  • Target profiling
  • Identification of therapeutic targets
  • Efficacy and safety assessment
  • Combination therapies
  • Biomarker discovery
  • High-throughput data analysis
  • Patient stratification

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