AIM Biochips – 3D cell culture platform for Immunotherapy and T Cell therapy studies

As mentioned in a previous post the DAX Biochips from AIM Biotech are an innovative and versatile microfluidic platform, allowing researchers to more easily develop 3D cell culture models, to work as close as possible to what occurs in the human body, but under in-vitro conditions.

Due to its innovative structure (as seen in this general AIM Chips flyer), a broad range of applications have already been validated on this model (Cellular Migration-Invasion Analysis / Angiogenesis studies / Metstasis Modeling System), but what’s new is that now Immunotherapy and T-Cell Therapy studies can be performed on this technology.

Evaluating the efficiency of your engineered T Cell

Illustration of T-Cell Therapy efficiency study with Dax Biochips form AIM Biotech

Thanks to it specific structure composed of a central channel for 3D cell culture and two lateral channels for 2D cell culture, the Dax system will allow you to easily adopt a robust 3D in vitro model in your research workflow to :

  1. Test the killing efficiency of your engineered  T Cells in a 3D tumour microenvironments
  2. Observe interactions between T Cells and Cancer Cells / Spheroids / Organoids
  3. Gain Novel insights with an organotypic 3D Model
  4. Use it as pre-clinical model to develop polytherapeutic applications

Obtain more information by downloading the specific AIM Biotech T Cell therapy flyer.



Assessing Tumor Immune Response ex vivo

WIth the DAX biochips, AIM Biotech provides an innovative 3D cell culture platform to obtain physiological data and speed up the drug discovery in the Immunotherapy research field, by allowing researchers to:

Workflow to develop and study murine-derived /patient-derived organotypic tumor spheroids (MDOTS/PDOTS) in AIM chips

  1. Develop Organotypic Tumor models for Immune Blockade studies
  2. Preserve the Immune cells and the Tumour microenvironment
  3. Recapitulate the in-vivo Immune Response
  4. Predict the effectiveness of novel combinant therapies
  5. Obtain accurate results (DAX results validated against animal models)


Interested in gaining more insight into Immunotherapy and the Dax system? Download the AIM Biotech flyer.


If you are looking for an innovative 3D Cell culture system to boost your research in Immunotherapy or T Cell Therapy, don’t hesitate to leave a message or to contact your local tebu-bio office.

Or, you can try the DAX Biochips at a great price with the DAX TRIAL KIT.

Written by Frédéric Samazan
Frédéric Samazan is the Marketing Manager at tebu-bio, and an avid football fan in his spare time.