5 tips for phosphorylated protein Western blot

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When preparing a protocol for Western blotting phosphorylated proteins, a few essential points should be taken into consideration to obtain accurate immunoblotting results. Your regular WB protocol, such as the WB protocol edited by tebu-bio’s antibody users, can be fine-tuned according to this “key” post-translational protein modification.

We’ve put together 5 tech tips, which are sure to support you in designing your phosphorylated protein Western blot:

  1. Check phospho-specificity of primary antibodies used in Western blot
  2. Pamper your phospho-proteins in your samples
  3. Use blotting buffers compatible with phosphorylation studies by Western Blot
  4. Enrich your samples to detect low abundance proteins
  5. Stripping and re-probing your Western Blot membrane for using another antibody
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Written by Philippe Fixe, PhD
Philippe Fixe is a former Marketing Manager at tebu-bio, passionate about innovation and R&D in Life sciences, Biotechnology, Medical research, Drug discovery, and also a keen photographer.