3D cell culture Biochip – versatile for more physiological applications

By mimicking in-vivo environments, 3D cell culture models appear nowadays as the best in-vitro study model to work in an in-vivo like study model and to obtain more physiologically relevant data and proof of concept as close as possible to “a clinical context” (aka the “near-human” approach).

3D cell culture chip - AIM Biotech tebu-bio - near-human approaches

3D cell culture chip – AIM Biotech tebu-bio – near-human approaches

To accompany researchers along this way, there are several innovative cell culture devices (available in Europe through tebu-bio), and more specifically a modular microfluidic platform for 3D cell culture with the capability to monitor complex biological systems dynamics in response to tuned microenvironment: the 3D Cell culture chip (Aim Biotech)


An innovative structure for a broader range of applications

Composed of a central 3D cell culture compartment, flanked by 2 media channels available for classical 2D cell culture, this system allows:

  • 3D Cell culture Dax-1 chip - AIM BiotechCo-culture of different cell types (2D and 3D cell culture)
  • Perfect communication between each compartment
  • Better culture duration under normoxic or hypoxic conditions.
  • Easy application and control of interstitial flow, pressure and chemical gradient across the 3D matrix
  • Easy tracking of cell movement across the 3 channels by microscopy
  • Get more general information by downloading the DAX technology flyer

Thanks to its innovative structure, this 3D cell culture chip provides the researcher with a broad range of applications, close to physiological conditions such as:

Cell Migration-Invasion study

3D cell culture - Aim Biotech Cell Seeding Morphogenesis

3D Cell culture chip – example of Cell Migration Invasion studies

Cell Migration flyers to download here

Endothelial Monolayer Formation and Angiogenesis

3D cell culture - AIM Biotech Endothelial cells seeding and Morphogenesis

3D Cell culture chip – example of Endothelial monolayer formation and Angiogenesis

More data about Angiogenesis model with DAX Biochips available in the AIM Biotech 3D in vitro Angiogenesis model.

Microvascular Network Formation

3D Cell culture - AIM Biotech Endothelial cells and stromal cell in hydrogel

3D Cell culture chip – example of Microvascular Network formation

Metastasis Modeling system

3D Cell culture - AIM Biotech Dissemination Intravasation and Extravasation of cells in hydrogel

3D Cell culture chip – example of Metastatis Modeling system

Download more  detailed information on Metastasis Modeling system.

And also…

      • 3D Migration studies:
        real time monitoring of cellular model in response to a chemoattractant gradient, making cell trajectory information readily available

The broad range of applications thanks to its atypical and innovative structure makes the AIM Biotech 3D cell culture Chip one of the most powerful and easy to use microfluidics systems for all your 3D cell culture and physiological studies.

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Written by Frédéric Samazan
Frédéric Samazan is the Marketing Manager at tebu-bio, and an avid football fan in his spare time.