3 colour Live Cell Imaging – Actin, Tubulin and DNA

Following on from the popular SiR-Probes, earlier this year Spirochrome introduced new SPY probes, as presented in this post.

Take a few minues to watch this video of the SPY™ Actin, Tubulin and DNA probes used to stain U2OS Cells (Human Bone Osteosarcoma Epithelial Cells).

Thanks and acknowledgements to Marin Barisic and Girish Rajendraprasad of the Danish Cancer Society Research Center for these images.

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Spirochrome probes are available in Europe from tebu-bio – for Switzerland they can be obtained directly from Spirochrome.

Written by Sara Pierre
Sara Pierre is the Communication Manager at tebu-bio, and also happy to help the authors post their content on this blog.