Find focused compound libraries for your pathway of interest

featured-pictureAre you working on autophagy,? Or on GPCR de-orphaning? On the MAP kinase pathway or cellular metabolism? Maybe on pathways related to cellular metabolism?


Several compounds are known as modulators of these pathways and research fields and can be used as useful tools to study and characterize specific steps. Nonetheless, it is quite time consuming and expensive to order all these chemicals from different sources. Targeted compound libraries represent a convenient alternative.

MAPK library Targetmol contents

Fig 1: Number of compounds modulating specific targets linked to the MAP kinase pathway in the MAPK compound library

Depending on the pathway or field of interest they might contain a few dozen compounds or several hundreds.

For instance the MAPK Inhibitor Library contains 56 bioactive compounds related with the MAPK pathway (see Fig 1).

The GPCR Compound Library contains 356 active compounds associated with G-proteins and G-protein-coupled receptors (see Fig 2).

GPCR focused compund library Targetmol

Fig 2: Composition of the GPCR compound library

All in all, Target Mol and Focus Biomolecules (Intelliscreen) offer 35 compound collections linked to specific fields of interest.

Of course all compounds in the libraries are available separately as well. To find the ones you are looking for, try this compound search engine.

If you are interested in the complete list of compounds of any of these libraries, get in touch with me through the form below.

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Written by Ali El Baya, PhD
Ali el Bayâ is the Sales Manager at tebu-bio for the North of Europe.