New sensitive kit to detect IFNGR1

Typical Standard Curve in Sample Diluent, Serum and TCM

Good news for the interferon domain this week with the launch of a new kit: the Verikine Human Interferon Gamma Receptor 1 (IFNGR1) ELISA Kit. This immunoassay provides researchers with a high quality product and excellent data reproducibility for this area.

Now, what are the main qualities of this new kit?

1- An easy method to quantify human IFNGR1

With an assay standard range of 9.38 – 300 pg/ml, this high sensitivity of this ELISA allows quantitation of IFNGR1 in tissue culture media samples and cell lysates. It works well in this kind of samples, the levels of the analyte are substantially lower than the endogenous levels typically found in human serum.

2- Compatible with serum, plasma, tissue culture media (TCM), and cell lysates

3- Spike recoveries of > 93%

4- Reproducible results with < 12% inter- and < 8% intra-assay CVs

Typical Standard Curve in Sample Diluent, Serum and TCM

Typical Standard Curve in Sample Diluent, Serum and TCM


As a new addition to PBL Bioscience’s existing human ELISA product line, this immunoassay provides another quality product with excellent data reproducibility for the interferon research area. With its market-leading sensitivity and matrix tolerance, you’ll be using a superior tool which will provide you with accurate and reliable data.

Which IFN do you use for your work? Leave a message below! I’ll be pleased to support you in your research.

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Written by Elodie Monin
Community Manager