Secretome profiling – now quantitative!

For secretome biomarker profiling, several solutions, including arrays allowing to screen up to 1,000 factors, have been available for some time now. These profiling solutions, however, were semi-quantitative so far. Quantitative solutions were available for “only” up to 400 factors.Quantibody Array Layout Raybiotech tebu-bio

Recently, a new array allowing to quantify 640 human secretome factors has been released. This array is available as a product (to use in your lab), or you can have the array performed for you (tebu-bio’s laboratories, located near Paris).

This new array includes cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, extracellular matrix proteins, etc. Also, once a first profiling is done, all markers are available as individual ELISAs for validation of the relevant biomarkers in a larger cohort, in order to give an statistical value to the obtained results.

Of course, there are other quantitative arrays for less factors, or they can be customised to include only the factors of your interest. tebu-bio: European RaybioTech's Certified Laboratory service provider

More and more researchers rely on outsourcing services to perform their biomarker profiling projects. Not that the protocol for using an array is complicated, but as for any technique, there are always tips & tricks to obtain better results. So rather than spending time on reading protocols or trying to fine-tune all the incubation and washing steps, researchers rely on the expertise from outside labs to perform their experiments. Especially when these experiments involve precious samples, such as it is the case with retrospective clinical studies.

Interested in quantifying secretome biomarkers for your next clinical assay? Contact tebu-bio laboratories to see how your project can benefit from this service.