Hello from Krisztina in Milan, a Research Travel Grant winner!


Here are some photos sent by one of our April Travel Grants Winners !

She is just back from the 39th Annual Meeting of the European Working Group on Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology in conjunction with the EHRA Europace-Cardiostim Congress in Milan.





Here is the email she sent us following her participation:

“This large conference provided an excellent place for contacting scientists in this research field and the quality of the presentations both oral and poster ones were outstanding and state of the art. DSCN0342I could improve my knowledge and discuss the results of my research project (properties of the calcium-activated chloride channels in the ventricular myocardium). I was able to make contact with some DSCN0330outstanding scientists and collaborative partners, in the hope of future research projects and possible postgradual trainings. Furthermore, I held a valuable, challenging poster presentation in the presence of a large professional audience.

Not to talk about the uncountable attractions of Milan!
It was really an unforgettable event for me!!! 🙂
Thank you again for this support, without that I couldn’t attend this meeting.


Thanks Krisztina for this email!


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Written by Elodie Monin
Community Manager