Wouldn't you like to spend less money on your reagents?

We all have certain consumer buying habits. But we also know that sometimes we do not necessarily get the best products at the most price-attractive conditions, if we simply buy the same products from the same source again and again…

What is true for our private behavior, most probably applies to our habits when it comes to buying research reagents for our laboratory.

So, what’s the idea? Take a few moments to explore often better and less expensive solutions!

Due to their long lasting experience in supplying research reagents and a wide network of suppliers, there are sources which can offer you very competitive prices for high quality products.

Especially if you need bulk amounts or order the same product very frequently you should certainly request tailor-made solutions and quotations – even if you don’t find the products of interest in their catalog.

For which products types?

You can most likely obtain attractive offers if you need high amount of:

Proteins – Even if your protein of interest is not commercially available, there are solutions available to express proteins in different expression systems.Ubiquitin - Blog Thumbnail

Antibodies - Blog ThumbnailAntibodies – If you’re in need of bulk quantities, don’t hesitate to request personalised conditions.

Peptides – Whether it’s about catalog peptides or customized peptides, you can obtain from microgram to gram amounts, labelled and non-labelled peptides, peptides with modified or unusual amino acids…

Olaparib structureChemicals – Are you using a lot of a specific activators? Or an ordinary chemical? Don’t hesitate to ask for quotes. Again, even if the compound is not yet commercialized, sources such as tebu-bio can offer organic synthesis services.


Fluo-8 – state-of the art tool to measure intracellular Ca2+

Stains/indicators – Are you measuring Ca2+ or other cellular parameters very frequently? Compare prices between sources!

What about very special products?

This is just a selection of the product types available as either catalog or customized options. Don’t hesitate to shop around for bulk supplies, and especially if you have any custom projects (even for very specialised needs in cell sourcing, ADME-Tox…).

Just check your purchases to see if you can envisage repeated bigger orders (at more advantageous prices) and regularly compare your sources to save money. An additional advantage (as offered by tebu-bio) enables you to test first in your laboratory prior to placing bulk orders, so you reduce risks while saving money at the same time.

Spending a little time comparing, can save you a lot of money in the end!

Any questions? Get in touch through the form below…

Written by Ali El Baya, PhD
Ali el Bayâ is the Sales Manager at tebu-bio for the North of Europe.