Unraveling the protective role of the stroma

Research performed by David García-Molleví and his team at ICO (Barcelona, Spain), in cooperation with tebu-11018152_928445027176257_6580852836315207360_nbio laboratories, is being presented at the AACR congress in Philadelphia these days.

The poster describes how cytokine profiling of drug-disrupted tumour cell / fibroblast crosstalk provides insights to understand the protective role of the stroma. Briefly, an array including 174 cytokines was performed on tumour cell / fibroblast co-cultures. Results determine that IL1b and TGFb1 secreted by tumor cells trigger the activation of normal colonic fibroblasts (NCF) to become CAFs. The role of IL1b is not as well known as TGFb1 in a cancer context.

Cytokine arrays were used in order to determine:

i) cytokine profiling of IL1b-treated NCF
ii) profiling of tumor cell-NCF cocultures in the presence of inhibitors of IL1b and TGFb1 signaling, main triggers of NCFactivation.

This poster shows how cytokine profiling can be useful as a complementary approach for microenvironment studies in assessing reciprocal activation of tumour cells and stroma, mediators of such interplay, treatment effectiveness and new target interventions.

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