Biomarker profiling or multiplex quantification for everyone

Many researchers would be keen to identify new targets for their research project: add a new cytokine to the classical inflammatory panels, find the missing link between 2 phosphorylation pathways, dig into the miRNA to find a new therapeutic target…
They expect they’ll need dedicated (and expensive) new equipment. Not necessarily! Let’s take a look at assays that use existing and quite common readers, or that can easily be outsourced to reliable labs…

First, what’s the situation in your lab…

What if you don’t have access to any of these devices?

Call in some help from outside… tebu-bio’s European-based labs (just outside of Paris), regularly run these assays for their customers.

  • Their Innoscan device handles samples from all over Europe for analysis of intra- or extracellular proteins
  • A new 3D-gene technology has been imported into Europe for tebu-bio, and their lab is able to profile the full miRNome expression in your samples
  • And of course, gene expression fans can call on them to routinely run their RT-qPCR assays…

Interested in learning more about these profiling and multiplex quantification solutions?

Take a look at a previous post about outsourcing solutions by my colleague Frédéric Dubor , or just leave any questions or comments below, I’ll be pleased to respond!

Written by Nathalie Bervas
Nathalie Bervas is one of tebu-bio's Key Account Managers, based in France.