tebu-bio joins the fight against Breast Cancer…

pink rubbon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Like a lot of our American partners (Rockland, Cedarlane), tebu-bio has decided to participate in this action.  So… October will be pink at tebu-bio!

Breast Cancer is a major public health concern. It’s considered that one woman in nine will develop breast cancer during her life. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher the chances are of being cured.

Research and Breast Cancer:

Medicine is advancing on all fronts in the fight against breast cancer: prevention, research, diagnosis and treatment.

New drugs againt Breast Cancer

Researchers are trying to elaborate new molecules against breast tumors, always more targeted and less toxic.

New therapeutic means against Breast Cancer

Surgery, medical imaging, prevention… medical practices are evolving against breast cancer.

Today, scientists are beginning to understand that the genetic mutations are not only factors contributing to the disease development. So, the way the genes are interpreted in our cells can also affect their functioning (by “switching on” or “switching off”). Epigenetics appears to be important in the development of cancers.

During a recent study, Anjum and co. showed that a blood test allows to predict the risk of cancer before its arisen. They concludes that a DNAme signature derived from BRCA1 carriers is able to predict breast cancer risk and death years in
advance of diagnosis.

Research is always very active in this domain but requires more and more funding.

Pink October

This international action aims is to increase awareness around breast cancer and to collect research funds.

The pink ribbon is the international symbol used by people, companies and organization which are involved in raising awareness around breast cancer.

This year, tebu-bio decided to participate to this campaign. We are not only services & products provider for your rAssociation le Cancer du sein, parlons-en!esearch, we also want to be fully implicated in this action!

Over the years, tebu-bio has regularly donated to research associations. This October, we have decided to relay Rockland’s action. Throughout the entire month of October, for each Rockland product you purchase from tebu-bio, we will be donating 2 euros to the foundation “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en !”, to support Breast Cancer Research.

To know more about this action, take a look at our website!


Written by Elodie Monin
Community Manager