Epigenetic assays – a selection of high quality Epi-Plus antibodies

Epigenetics searches oversthe last years

Google search evolution: results over the last decade when searching “Epigenetics” in Biology.

Epigenetics is involved  in numerous physiological and pathological situations by modulating gene expression and DNA accessibility. Nowadays, epigenetic studies belong to one of the most popular research domains in Biology.

Whatever the biological event involved (be it DNA methylation, post-translational Histone modifications or RNA-associated gene silencing…), Epigenetic research tools are constantly evolving to meet researchers’ needs:

Antibody-based methods remain a standard for performing chromatin and epigenetic studies. Most of the antibody sources claim that they have the most comprehensive range of high quality epigenetic research antibodies. Nevertheless, when taking a closer look, only a few of these sources are really able to:

  1. Track and record all the production steps of each and every antibody lot (from peptide immunogen design and production to antibody selection, purification and multiassay validation)
  2. Guarantee mutiple application uses
  3. Provide end-users with local assistance for getting optimal results

Epi-Plus™ antibodies for Epigenetics research

Epi-Plus™ antibodies are raised against optimally-designed peptides corresponding to well qualified protein regions and epigenetic marks (lysine, arginine…).

They fit 100% with the high quality Epigenetics standards described above, as they are:

  1. Manufactured under strict conditions by Rockland Immunochemicals (a leader in antibody design and production) from Epigenetics peptide immunogen design, to immunization and antibody purification & validation
  2. Sensitive and specific to the epigenetic modifications with no cross-reactivity to other modifications on the same site, or other amino acids of the protein
  3. Validated for IF microscopy, IP, ChIP, IHC and WB analysis
  4. Supported in Europe by tebu-bio’s antibody experts for optimal use and association with other Epigenetic-related products (enzymes, arrays, small molecules…)

Look at Epi-Plus™ antibodies in action for the analysis of Histone 3:


Anti-H3 [Trimethyl Lys4] (# 600-401-I59) by IF.


Anti- H3 [Monomethyl Lys4] (# 600-401-I57) by IF.


Anti-H3 [Dimethyl Lys4] (# 600-401-I58) by ChIP.

Rockland Anti-histone H3 [Dimethyl Lys9] Antibody specificity by Dot blot cat nr 600-401-I70

Anti-H3 [Dimethyl Lys9] (# 600-401-I70).







Want to discover superior, validated antibodies for epigenetic research?

Download the technical bulletin showing how, by controlling all the antibody production steps (from peptide immunogen design to the multi-assay antibody validation),  Epi-Plus™ are the best in class Epigenetic antibodies.

You can also get your Epi-Plus™ antibodies directly online, from a reliable source of over 1,900 references for Epigenetics research.


Philippe Fixe, PhD
Written by Philippe Fixe, PhD
Philippe Fixe is Marketing Director at tebu-bio, passionate about innovation and R&D in Life sciences, Biotechnology, Medical research, Drug discovery, and also a keen photographer.