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Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA

Product name
Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA
Catalog number
M6246-03 (12 x96Preps)
Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA Kit is designed for the rapid and reliable isolation of viral RNA and viral DNA from serum, swabs, plasma, saliva, NP swabs, aspirates and BAL samples, and other body fluids. The Mag-Bind® magnetic beads technology enables purification of high-quality nucleic acids that are free of proteins, nucleases, and other impurities. In addition to easily being adapted with automated systems, this procedure can also be scaled up or down depending on the amount of starting sample. The purified nucleic acids are ready for direct use in downstream applications such as amplification or other enzymatic reactions. Protocols are available for the following automated platforms: Hamilton Microlab® STAR and NIMBUS, KingFisher™, BioSprint®, and MagMAX® 96 and adaptable to other liquid handling platforms. 
Omega Bio-tek
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DNA Extractions
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Room Temperature
Nacres Codification

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