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1CellPlate-mini (Smart Aliquotor mini)

Product name
1CellPlate-mini (Smart Aliquotor mini)
Catalog number
P2-SCPM-5PK (5 Pack)
1CellPlate-mini is a 6-well plate-based single-cell isolation technique integrated with microfluidics channels. The operation is by pipetting cell suspension into the center well and distributing cells to the satellite wells to form single-cell aliquots in less than 2 µL volumes. Features: 1) It provides rapid, selective, and damage-free cell isolation. 2) It simplifies steps for harvesting target cells and genes. 3) It is compatible with all cell sizes smaller than 50 µm at either low or high cell density. 4) It uniformly distributes cell suspension into 32 outlet wells and retrieves a single target cell by pipetting. 5) It has 6 repeating units. Parameters: 1) Size of device: standard 6-well plate format. 2) Number of wells: 192. 3) Well volume: 2.5 µL. 4) Single-cell yield: about 60 per device. Summary: 1CellPlate-mini isolates cells at a price below $5 per cell. It is now used for single-cell lysis, PCR, sequencing, and multiomics. 
Innovative Biochips LLC
Product category
Cells, Media & Fractions
Product sub category
Cell Separation
Shipment info
Room Temperature
Nacres Codification

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