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1CellAssay Single-Cell Isolation & 3D Culture Kit

Product name
1CellAssay Single-Cell Isolation & 3D Culture Kit
Catalog number
K2-SCTD-KIT (1 Kit)
1CellAssay® Single-Cell Isolation & 3D Culture Kit provides a complete solution from easy single-cell isolation by 1CellPlate®-96well to efficient 3D cell cloning in hydrogel for generating various spheroids and organoids. It is featuring: 1) Easy operation by regular pipette in a sterile hood; 2) Gentle flow keeps high single-cell viability & integrity; 3) Compatible with cell size = 80 µm and numbers = 100; and 4) Isolate ~ 30 single cells in one 1CellPlate®-96well; 5) No special equipment or operation skills are required. 
Innovative Biochips LLC
Product category
Cells, Media & Fractions
Product sub category
Cell Separation
Shipment info
Room Temperature
Nacres Codification

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