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Cellular Senescence Detection Kit - SPiDER-▀Gal

Product name
Cellular Senescence Detection Kit - SPiDER-▀Gal
Catalog number
SG03-10 (10 Assays)
Cellular Senescence Detection Kit - SPiDER-▀Gal allows to detect SA-▀-gal with high sensitivity and ease of use. SPiDER-▀Gal is a new reagent to detect ▀-galactosidase, and possesses high cell-permeability and intracellular retentivity. SA-▀-gal in living cells can be specifically detected by using a reagent, Bafilomycin A1, to inhibit endogeneous ▀-galactosidase activity. In addition, SA-▀-gal in fixed cells is also detectable by using McIlvaine buffer (pH 6.0). Since SPiDER-▀Gal emits strong and stable fluorescence after the reaction with SA-▀-gal, it can be applied to quantitative analysis by flow cytometry 
Dojindo EU Gmbh
Product category
Assays & Kits
Biological activity
Shipment info
Room Temperature

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