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3CLglow Assay - 5mL

Product name
3CLglow Assay - 5mL
Catalog number
C1160G-5mL (5mL)
The 3CLglow Assay is a 3CLpro (3C-like protease, Mpro, or Main protease) inhibitor assay, is a new fluorescent Live Cell assay providing a robust, biologically meaningful tool to evaluate therapeutic drugs that target SARS-CoV-2 replication.

The 3CLglow Assay kit includes the 3CLpro enzyme and a fluorescent biosensor for monitoring 3CLpro enzyme activity. This live cell assay bridges the gap between in vitro biochemical assays and living cells and organisms. To create a robust assay for 3CLpro activity in living cells, we added an inhibitor tag to the bright mNeonGreen fluorescent protein. In the absence of 3CLpro, the protein is not fluorescent. A 3CLpro cleavage site is included that separates the inhibitor tag from the fluorescent protein. The result is a biosensor that lights up when 3CLpro activity is present in the cell. 
Montana Molecular
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Expression Vectors
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ORF expression
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Cool Pack
Nacres Codification

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