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RNA Transfection Kit

Product name
RNA Transfection Kit
Catalog number
00-0069 (1kit)
The Stemfect RNA Transfection Kit is a proprietary mixture of lipid components is specificallydesigned for in vitroRNAtransfection. This kit has beenshown to deliver mRNA, siRNA and miRNA. Stemfect RNA Transfection Kit provides greater than or equal to 90% transfection efficiency of mRNA into a range of cell types with greater than 95% viability; these cell types include human embryonic stem (hES) cells, Jurkat cells, human fibroblasts, and HEK293T cells. Stemfect RNA Transfection Kit has been successfully used to deliver siRNA to hES cells. There is no need to serum-starve cells using this kit as the transfection efficiency remains greater than or equal to 90% in the presence of serum. 
Product category
Cells, Media & Fractions
Product sub category
Media & ECM
Biological activity
Shipment info
Cool Pack
Nacres Codification

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