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SNAP-ChIP® K-AcylStat Panel

Product name
SNAP-ChIP® K-AcylStat Panel
Catalog number
19-3100 (200ul)
A panel of distinctly modified mononucleosomes assembled from recombinant human histones expressed in E. coli (two each of histones H2A, H2B, H3 and H4; accession numbers: H2A-P04908; H2B-O60814; H3.1-P68431 or H3.2-Q71DI3*; H4-P62805) wrapped by 147 base pairs of barcoded Widom 601 positioning sequence DNA. The mononucleosomes constitute a pool of 1 unmodified plus 22 histone H2A, H3, or H4 post-translational modifications (PTMs, created by a proprietary semi-synthetic method): H3K4ac, H3K9ac, H3K14ac, H3K18ac, H3K23ac, H3K27ac, H3K36ac, H4K5ac, H4K8ac, H4K12ac, H4K16ac, H4K20ac, H3K9bu, H3K9cr, H3K18bu, H3K18cr, H3K27bu, H3K27cr, H3K27acS28phos, H3K4,9,14,18ac, H4K5,8,12,16ac, H2AK5,8,13,15ac. Each distinctly modified nucleosome is distinguishable by a unique sequence of DNA ( barcode?) at the 3' end that can be deciphered by qPCR or next-generation sequencing. Each of the 23 nucleosomes in the pool is wrapped by 2 distinct DNA species, each containing a distinct barcode (?A? and B? 
EpiCypher, Inc.
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DNA Controls
Biological activity
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Cool Pack
Nacres Codification

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